A new start

As previously mentioned by Raven, today is my first day at The 451 Group and I’ll now be blogging here at 451 CAOS Theory.

For those of you who were subscribers to my previous blog, I’ll be bringing more of the same to 451 CAOS Theory, starting tomorrow with a look at the third quarter open source investment numbers (hint: down).

For those who weren’t, I hope to complement Raven and Jay’s coverage with insight in to vendor strategies and commercial adoption trends.

After two weeks off I’m looking forward to working with Raven, Jay and everyone else at the company. I’ve spent today learning the ropes and catching up on the news, so expect normal service to be resumed starting with the Q3 VC figures tomorrow.


#1 whurley on 10.02.07 at 1:18 am

Hey Matt,

Best of luck in your new career. Raven and Jay are two of the best in the industry and I’m sure you’ll enjoy all of the opportunities you’ll get to talk smack about the big 4 😉


#2 Matthew Aslett on 10.02.07 at 4:26 am

Thanks whurley. We’ll see about that…