Use open source to avoid jail and rescue your weekends

The Federation Against Software Theft has apparently published a survey indicating that 79% of British company directors “would be happy to avoid buying software licences in order to support their company’s balance sheet during the current tough economic climate.”

The anti-piracy organization pointed out that “the penalty for committing this type of fraud is up to 10 years in jail and an unlimited fine,” according to the report, and noted that software asset management systems could help users identify unused software licenses within their organization.

According to the report, 32% of respondents identified the Internet as a potential source of illegal software, while 11% cited online auction sites, and 14% car boot sales (the British equivalent of the yard sale).

If there really are any British company directors reading this who are prepared to risk a spell in chokey spending their Sunday mornings delving through bric-à-brac, slightly damaged toys and scratched LPs in search of unwanted copies of Office 2003, remember there is an alternative.

Open source is another method that could be used to avoid upfront software licenses while remaining in compliance with existing licensing requirements. Of course, enterprise versions come with a commercial license/subscription fee but by the time you have to pay that you should already know whether the software fits your requirements or not.

And you get to have a nice lie-in on the weekend.

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#1 Eddie Wilson on 07.17.08 at 9:47 am

This is the perfect solution to software piracy. Why are businesses so slow to see this? So sad.

#2 Boycott Novell » Links 18/07/2008: GNU/Linux at NASA, Nicaragua on 07.18.08 at 3:03 pm

[…] Use open source to avoid jail and rescue your weekends […]