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New funding for Talend and Lucid Imagination. Zimory and SQLstream make their debuts. The impact of Linux netbooks. Shaving Bdale Garbee. And more.

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Funding update
Open source data integration vendor Talend proved that there is still VC funding available if the business is doing well, announcing a $12m Series C round led by Balderton Capital and existing investor AGF Private Equity. Talend also announced that Bernard Liautaud, the founder and former CEO and chairman of Business Objects, will join its board of directors. Roberto Galoppini has the inside story on the funding round from Marc Brandsma, a partner at Chausson Finance who advised Talend.

Meanwhile Matt Asay noted that the VC funding figures for open source we reported earlier this month look pretty good when compared to the figures reported for US VC investments as a whole.

And if you haven’t read enough theories about how open source will benefit from current economic conditions CIO Insight reports on open source as a recession buster.

Emerging vendors
We noted in our recent VC funding update that for the first time in a long time there were more seed and Series A deal than Series B or later and that we had seen the emergence of vendors in the fourth quarter operating in new markets. That trend is continuing in 2009.

We previously reported the $6m funding round for Lucid Imagination, which is building a commercial business around Lucene and Solr. The company has now confirmed the details of that funding round and announced its official launch.

Also stepping out officially for the first time this week are Zimory and SQLstream. A spin-off from Deutsche Telekom, Zimory has unveiled Zimory Public Cloud, an online marketplace that brings together buyers and sellers of computing resources. As InternetNews.com notes, Zimory could not have been built without open source.

SQLstream was founded in 2002 and emerged from stealth mode in 2007 but the launch of SQLstream 2.0 marks its official coming out party. The company counts Julian Hyde (the man behind the Mondrian open source OLAP engine) among its founders and its streaming database platform is based on The Eigenbase Project, a platform for building specialized data management systems, which is also used by LucidEra for LucidDB.

Continued progress
As well as new vendors, established open source vendors continue to show signs of success. This week document management firm KnowledgeTree announced record revenues, Black Duck Software reported bookings up 42%, while content management vendor Hippo launched version 7.

Meanwhile CIO.com reports on the quality and potential of open source ERP. While we’re on the subject, xTuple has updated its open source ERP software to version 3.2.

The impact of Linux netbooks
While some people have tried to claim victory for Linux given Microsoft’s recent problems, the impact is not quite so direct. The New York Times does a good job of explaining how Linux indirectly contributed to the disruption of the PC market, while Jim Zemlin of the Linux Foundation dismantles the claim that Windows has kicked Linux to the curb. In other news the Linux Foundation changed the name of its video contest from “I’m Linux” to “We’re Linux” to better reflect the collaborative nature of the operating system.

I’ve written about this many, many times, so I won’t comment again, but the BBC is now
reporting the potential for UK schools to save money using open source, and the BBC probably has more influence than I do (shocking I know, but true).

Meanwhile the Conservative party appears to be about to bang the open source drum again. PC Pro reports that a new report commissioned by the Conservatives claims the use of open source software could save the Government more than £600m a year on IT projects. As Computerworld UK reports, Stephen Fry is in favour of the idea.

As if that wasn’t enough, the first open source conference designed specifically for UK local authorities will be held in April.

Shaving Bdale
If that isn’t enough reading material try this online game instead. Now you too can shave Bdale Garbee’s beard off. For the back-story on this, see Sam Varghese’s report from linux.conf.au.

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