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Oracle buys Sun. Sun previews MySQL update, makes GlassFish Portfolio, OpenSSO and OpenDS available on EC2. Numerous partner announcements from the MySQL conference. Red Hat maps open source adoption. And more.

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Oracle to acquire Sun
Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or like me you decided to take a few inappropriately-timed days off) you probably noticed that Oracle announced an agreement to acquire Sun this week. Jay delivered our assessment on Oracle’s open source credentials, while I followed up with some thoughts on the impact on MySQL, and its partners.

See also:
# The internal memo to Sun employees from Jonathan Schwartz, Sun’s chief executive.

# Marten Mickos explained to Forbes why Oracle won’t kill MySQL.

# Monty Widenius provided his assessment of the deal drivers and his ongoing attempts to “ensure that there always exists a free branch of MySQL that is actively develop[ed] in an open manner and has that trust and support of the MySQL customers, developers and users.”

# Kaj Arno detailed what has not changed with MySQL as a result of the planned acquisition.

# Brian Gentile explained why the deal is all about “the hearts and minds of the software development community.”

# Larry Augustin calculated that Oracle could sell off Sun’s storage, server and SPARC assets and effectively get MySQL and Java for free.

# Savio Rodrigues wondered what steps Oracle could take to meet its $1.5bn profit target for Sun.

# Matt Asay questioned whether Oracle will let MySQL retain its recently-added enterprise capabilities.

# Ars Technica: Oracle buys Sun: understanding the impact on open source.

# Matt Mullenweg explained why the deal need not necessarily have a significant impact on MySQL users.

# Rich Sands provided a round-up of some of the better analysis on the potential impact for Java.

# Jim Zemlin on what the acquisition means for Linux.

# Tim Bray provided a handy overview of the companies’ business strategies, products and cultures.

# InfoWorld: Ten ways Oracle could make money from Sun.

# Glyn Moody: Who Owns Commercial Open Source – and Can Forks Work?

# The 451 Group’s Steve Coplan on the identity angle.

# Oh, and the deal has prompted a proposed class-action lawsuit.

Business as usual
In other news, Sun made a series of MySQL-related announcements, including the preview release of version 5.4, the launch of MySQL Cluster 7.0, a new MySQL ‘Remote DBA’ partner program for consulting companies and service providers, a new new reference architecture for Glassfish and MySQL, and expanded interoperability between the Sun Identity Management Suite and MySQL.

# Kaj Arno detailed the changes taking place within Sun designed to improve the commitment to MySQL Community users.

# James Dixon noted that for the first time at the annual MySQL conference he “encountered people who understood databases and business intelligence, but did not understand anything about open source”. A sure sign of MySQL’s maturity.

The best of the rest
# Sun also announced the availability of GlassFish Portfolio, OpenSSO and OpenDS on Amazon EC2 Cloud, and a new Sun OpenSSO Express release, providing federated single sign-on for Google Apps Premier Edition.

# Sun and Kickfire announced a joint marketing agreement for Kickfire’s MySQL data warehousing appliance (PDF).

# Zmanda added a visual log analyzer to its Zmanda Recovery Manager (ZRM) for MySQL backup and recovery software.

# Virident announced its two new GreenCloud Servers, for MySQL and Memcached.

# Calpont repositioned as an open source MPP data warehousing engine for MySQL.

# Infobright and Jaspersoft partnered on an open source project to feature end-to-end BI, extract-transform-load (ETL), and data warehousing capabilities.

# EnterpriseDB licensed its Oracle compatibility functionality (which isn’t actually open source, for the record) to IBM.

# Zenoss added former BMC, IBM and Accenture executives to its board of directors.

# Pentaho delivered Pentaho Data Integration 3.2 for the cloud.

# Carlo Dafarra on the procurement advantage test for the “purity” of commercial open source.

# Red Hat revealed its Open Source World Map.

# While Glyn Moody wondered what on Earth it could be used for.

# Matt Asay examined the strength of Red Hat’s business.

# Aaron Fulkerson explained the process for adding new features under the Open-Core Licensing strategy.

# Christopher Keene highlighted WaveMaker’s ongoing successes.

# The Defense Department’s open source software development tool, Forge.mil, may now be used for unclassified work in DOD, FederalComputerWeek reported.

# Microsoft is sponsoring research at the University of Michigan’s Center for Information Technology Integration (CITI) to develop an open source Network File System client for Windows.

# Is the Microsoft-TomTom settlement a wake-up call for GPLv3 migration?

# James Dixon provided his interpretation of Microsoft’s strategy towards open source.

# While ComputerWorld wondered whether Microsoft has lost its war on open source.

# Linux Magazine: Linus on Linux: The Linus Torvalds Interview Part 1.

# Ulteo released the first version of its Open Virtual Desktop.

# Continuent delivered Tungsten Enterprise for database clusters supporting MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle.

# ONStor announced that it has integrated the Zettabyte File System (ZFS) and other open source technology into its Pantera LS series systems.

# PrismTech announced the availability of OpenSplice DDS Open Source on OpenSplice.org.

# CodeFutures delivered dbShards, a true shared-nothing scalability offering for open source databases.

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