451 CAOS Links 2009.07.10

Google Chrome OS. Jaspersoft Unlimited. RMS on Microsoft’s Mono promise. And more.

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Google confirms plans for Linux-based operating system
Google introduced Chrome OS, an open source, lightweight OS to be available in netbooks in 2010. Details were thin on the ground, but that didn’t stop the speculation. In fact, rarely in the field of computer operating systems has so much been written by so many about so little. Meanwhile Google also released Neatx, an open source NX server remote desktop implementation.

Customer wins
# Government Computer News reported on the US Postal Service’s open source-based tracking system.

# Virgin America implemented Jahia’s open source web content integration software, today to power its intranet.

# Aegeon announced that it has built a knowledge management platform on Groovy and Grails, with the support of SpringSource.

Best of the rest
# Jaspersoft announced Jaspersoft Unlimited, a one-year pass to Jaspersoft’s Premium Professional Edition.

# Monty Widenius revealed that he is talking to the DoJ about how the Oracle-Sun deal will impact open source software.

# iTWire reported that Richard Stallman has rejected Microsoft’s community promise for Mono as inadequate.

# Microsoft revealed that its CodePlex forge is now hosting more than 10,000 projects. All the stats are available here.

# Aaron Fulkerson reported on Mindtouch’s commercial success, demonstrating a successful shift to the open core model.

# Speaking of which, following our clarification on the Open Core model, Carlo Dafarra reported on the evolution of Open Core, noting that “the percentage of code not under OSS license is shrinking” as business models adjust.

# Borqs, an Android-based open source mobile software vendor, has raised $17.4m series B funding.

# Roman Stanek pondered the impact of open source on the cloud, and vice versa.

# Likewise Software reported that it is on track to deliver over 100% sales growth in 2009.

# Linux.com reported on how the choice of open source license impacts a development project.

# WSO2 announced that a standalone version of the WSO2 Carbon Core is now available.

# eXo Platform updated its open source Document Management System.

# Government Technology examined whether open source is more secure than proprietary software.

# InformationWeek reported that the Symbian Foundation will release a beta version of the open source Symbian within weeks.

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