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Sun shareholders approve Oracle deal. The un/importance of the GPL. And more.

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Sun shareholders approve Oracle deal
As expected, Sun’s shareholders approved the proposed acquisition by Oracle, reportedly in the absence of Scott McNealy and Jonathan Schwartz. Meanwhile people continue to be obsessed with Oracle killing things. If its not OpenSolaris then its Unbreakable Linux.

The un/importance of the GPL
Matt Asay speculated on Apache and the future of open-source licensing, in doing so referring to the GPL as “an alternative way to release proprietary software”. Needless to say that put the cat amongst the pigeons, with Glyn Moody stepping forward to explain why the GNU GPL still matters and Savio Rodrigues contemplating why open source vendors will continue to select the GPL. Meanwhile Benjamin Black reported on the failings of the GPL in the cloud era.

While we’re on the subject of open source licenses, Andrew Binstock argued that the OSI needs to consider licenses with defined limitations, while we pondered the theory of natural selection as it applies to license proliferation in the context of our recent long-form report, CAOS 12 – The Myth of Open Source License Proliferation.

Incidentally, on Tuesday, July 21 at 1:00pm EDT we will be hosting a webinar to discuss some of the findings from the report. Register here.

Best of the rest
# Matt Asay noted that Intel was second largest contributor to Linux in 08, just behind Red Hat.

# The FSF responded to Microsoft’s Mono patent promise, asking for a license for all patents Mono exercises.

# Mike Hogan explained how open source commoditizes itself.

# eWeek reported on how to bring open source software into the enterprise.

# I-CIO reported on how the French government leads the way in open source.

# Microsoft inked a patent agreement with the parent company of NAS vendor Buffalo, that relates to Linux.

# TDWI published a Q&A on “The Maturing Open Source Model”.

# MontaVista launched Android commercialization services offering.

# Bluenog responded to accusations that it has violated the Apache Software License.

# OStatic reported on how Microsoft’s and Amazon’s cloud strategies face open source challenges.

# CohesiveFT has added Ubuntu 9.04 Server Edition and Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 to its Elastic Server platform.

# Carlo Daffara presented the different reasons for company code contributions.

# Forbes reported on why open source software flourishes in downturns.

# Open World Forum unveiled its Program for 2009.

# Accenture published a podcast titled Increase Flexibility at a Faster Pace and Lower Cost with Open Source.

# Dirk Riehle published a call for papers on Empirical Research Free/Libre Open Source Software.

# EOS reported on a “new” movie, called Code Rush, covering the release of the Netscape browser as open source.

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