Free 451 Group report on regional differences in attitudes to open source adoption

Given The 451 Group’s presence in the UK, the CAOS (Commercial Adoption of Open Source) service is often asked to compare differing attitudes to open source adoption in Europe and North America.

The recent survey of 1,700 open source software users, conducted as part of our recent CAOS report Climate Change: User Perspectives on the Impact of Economic Conditions on Open Source Adoption, provided us with an opportunity to generate some quantitative evidence to support our qualitative research.

In addition to our overall assessment of global attitudes to open source, we have also recently published a complementary report comparing the responses received from North America, Europe, Asia and South America. The report is available here for 451 Group clients, while non-clients can also register to receive a complimentary copy here.

As a taster, here are some of the key findings:

– Cost savings are a more important driver for open source adoption in North America than Asia, South America, and especially Europe, where cost savings are significantly less important drivers of adoption.

– In comparison, more Europeans cited increased flexibility as a primary driver than respondents from other areas, while respondents from Asia were much more concerned about vendor lock-in than respondents from Europe and North and South America.

– Respondents from Asia listed lower cost as their most popular benefit while respondents from South America, Europe and North America cited increased flexibility.

– Respondents in South America seem to be gaining the least from reduced vendor lock-in.

– North American respondents were less likely to have policies for the adoption of open source than respondents in South America, Asia and Europe.

– Similarly, North American companies are the least likely to track the deployment of open source software, and also the least likely to track the use of open source software in development projects.

– Meanwhile North and South American companies are both behind when it comes to having policies for contributing to open source projects.

– More than 50% of Asian respondents declared themselves more likely to adopt open source software this year in light of economic conditions, followed by North Americans, South Americans and Europeans (less than 40%).

The report provides the statistics that back-up the above statements, as well as our conclusions and recommendations for open source-related vendors based on our findings.

Clients can access the report here, while non-clients can also register to receive it as a free download here.

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