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451 CAOS LInks 2010.10.20

Funding for Revolution Analytics. Canonical and open core. And more.

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# Revolution Analytics closed an $8.6 million third round of funding.

# Joe Brockmeier asked is Canonical going open core, and does it matter.

# Mark Shuttleworth denied any plans for Canonical to go open core, says explanation on copyright assignment is coming.

# Oracle wants LibreOffice members to leave the OpenOffice.org council.

# Stephen Colebourne accused Oracle of attempting to stack the JCP vote.

# VMware introduced Code2Cloud development tools, developed with TaskTop.

# MaestroDev partnered with SonarSource and updated its Maestro orchestration software for OSS.

# The Apache Software Foundation announced Apache Maven Version 3.0.

# Open-Xchange updated the Open-Xchange Server with support for HTC, Android 2.1 and 2.2.

# VMware outlined Spring Data Access projects for distributed data technologies.

# The Symbian Foundation’s executive director is stepping down.

# Azul launched its Zing elastic runtime, including open source components from the Managed Runtime Initiative.

# Rapid7 introduced Metaspoilt Pro, based on the Metasploit Framework.

# Cray, Data Direct Networks, LLNL and ORNL formed OpenSFS, a Lustre-focused non-profit technical organization.

# CollabNet acquired Subversion hosting provider Codesion.

# Jaguar Land Rover and SAIC Motor Passenger Vehicle Company have
joined the GENIVI Alliance.

# Makara announced version 1.1 of its Cloud Application Platform with support for memcached and Zend Framework.

# Sonatype has updated and enhanced its Maven Central repository.

# Funambol introduced CAPRI, an open source framework for developing sync-centric apps for smartphones.

# Wind River released Wind River Linux 4.

# Black Duck grew sales 58% in Q3.

# Krishnan Subramanian explained why open source is key to cloud economics.

# The Veterans Affairs Department will adopt an open source model to modernize its electronic health records system.

451 CAOS Links 2010.10.15

The future of the JCP. A new Mozilla CEO. And more.

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# Mike Milinkovich explained why the Eclipse Foundation will support Oracle’s plans for Java 7, and outlined its concerns about the Java 8 JSR.

# Stephen Colebourne outlined the choices facing Java Community Process executive committee voters: pragmatism or bust, before later proposing a third option: a split in the Java Community Process between core and ecosystem projects.

# Gary Kovacs was named the new CEO of the Mozilla Corporation.

# New Relic raised $10m in series C funding.

# Oracle maintained its commitment to OpenOffice.org and released OpenOffice.org 3.2.1 and OpenOffice.org 3.3 Beta.

# SkySQL formally launched its services and support for the MySQL database with the release of SkySQL Enterprise.

# Android drove $1bn ad revenue for Google.

# Ross Gardler described the Apache Software Foundation’s open development methodology.

# Red Hat updated its messaging, realtime and grid technologies with the release of Red Hat Enterprise MRG 1.3.

# Actuate’s Nobby Akiha offered some advice for closed source companies transitioning to open source.

# OSSCube released OSSCube Voice – an open source integration of Asterisk and SugarCRM.

# StumbleUpon confirmed plans to open source OpenTSDB: a scalable time series database built on top of HBase.

# SugarCRM claimed 60% revenue growth in Q3.

# Civic Commons asked What’s the return on investment for open?

# The Free Software Foundation announced the criteria for its hardware endorsement program.

# Adobe’s Dave McAllister discussed why it and other software vendors, release open source code.

# Engine Yard formalized its support for fog, the cloud computing library for Ruby applications.

# The Linux Foundation’s survey suggested Linux adoption over next five years will outpace Windows.

# Datameer announced the general availability of its Datameer Analytics Solution for Hadoop.

# SGI announced support and benchmarks for VoltDB’s Database.

# Ingres announced the availability of Ingres Database 10.

# Vyatta integrated Sourcefire Intrusion Prevention System rules.

451 CAOS Links 2010.10.12

IBM joins Oracle in OpenJDK harmony. A herd of Hadoop announcements. And more.

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IBM joins Oracle in OpenJDK harmony.
IBM announced that it is joining Oracle’s OpenJDK project. Red Hat welcomed the move. Bob Sutor clarified that IBM is shifting its development effort from the Apache Project Harmony to OpenJDK. Mike Milinkovich sees IBM-Oracle collaboration over OpenJDK as good for the future of Java, while Stephen Colebourne sees it as meaning that Apache Harmony is effectively dead.

A herd of Hadoop announcements
# Cloudera and NTT DATA partnered to accelerate Hadoop adoption in Asia Pac.

# Cloudera updated its Cloudera Distribution for Hadoop version 3 beta release.

# Cloudera announced partnerships with Membase, Talend, and Pentaho.

# Pentaho announced the availability of Pentaho Data Integration for Hadoop and the Pentaho BI Suite for Hadoop and launched plans to integrate with Hadoop running on Amazon Web Services.

# Quest and Cloudera released OraOop connector for Oracle and Hadoop.

# Karmasphere released the Professional Edition of its Karmasphere Studio Hadoop development environment.

# Vertica updated its Connector for Hadoop and Pig.

The best of the rest
# NorthScale changed its name to Membase and launched its Membase Server distributed database.

# WSO2 introduced WSO2 Carbon Studio, an Eclipse-based IDE for WSO2 Carbon.

# Gluster announced the general availability of Gluster Storage Platform 3.1.

# Kaj Arno announced that he is joining SkySQL as VP of products.

# GroundWork Open Source introduced version 6.3 of its GroundWork Monitor product.

# Open-Xchange and eZuce partnered on open unified communications.

# VMware introduced Zimbra Desktop 2.0.

451 CAOS Links 2010.10.08

Patents! Patents! Patents! Canonical’s perfect 10. And more.

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# Google responded to Oracle’s claims that its Android OS infringes copyrights and patents related to Java.

# Matt Asay evaluated the various patent claims against Android and its related devices.

# Microsoft licensed smartphone patents from ACCESS Co and a subsidiary of Acacia Research.

# Glyn Moody assessed what Microsoft’s patent claim against Motorola says about Microsoft.

# Canonical announced that Ubuntu 10.10 Server Edition andUbuntu 10.10 Desktop and Netbook Editions will be available for download on 10/10/10.

# Puppet Labs acquired The Marionette Collective.

# Acquia added support for memcached to its Acquia Hosting platform.

# Royal Pingdom provided an overview of the mobile Linux landscape.

# Opengear expanded its remote management of Avaya VoIP systems.

# MuleSoft announced the availability of Tcat Server 6 R4.

# ActiveState announced the availability of Komodo IDE 6.

# Rivet Logic launched the Confluence Alfresco Integration rivet which integrates Atlassian Confluence with Alfresco.

# What is the future of MapReduce and Hadoop in the light of Google’s Percolator and Caffeine?

# Lucid Imagination announced LucidWorks Enterprise built on Solr/Lucene.

# Twitter described its new Lucene-based search architecture.

# newScale, rPath and Eucalyptus named their private cloud coalition The NRE Alliance.

# Andy Updegrove reflected on the ways in which open source is stronger post-SCO than it was pre-SCO.

# Joe Harris provided an overview of the open source BI/DW landscape and offers suggestions for covert adoption.

# Roberto Galoppini published his notes from the OWF Open Source Analyst Summit.

# Evident Software’s ClearStone 4.5 now covers Apache Cassandra and Memcached.

# Mercury released OpenSAL, an open source scientific Algorithm Library for vector math acceleration.

# What does the sale of Ohloh.net mean for the future of Geeknet?

# Autonomic Resources added Continuent and EnterpriseDB to its GSA schedule roster.

# The VAR Guy’s sources said Microsoft Hyper-V will likely gain some integrations with OpenStack.

# OTRS launched an OnDemand version of its open source help desk and IT service management software.

# Digital Reasoning and Riptano partnered on Cassandra-based analytics.

# Outercurve added a fifth project to its ASP.NET Open Source Gallery.

# GoAhead Software shipped the general release of OpenSAFfire 6.0.

# Citrix updated XenServer with new storage optimization technology for VDI.

# Simon Phipps noted that there is a difference between forking and rehosting.

# Fonality updated its cloud-based, open source IP PBX software with the 2010.2 release.

# enStratus and Opscode partnered to provide enStratus customers with the Opscode Platform.

# Amazon introduced read replicas to its MySQL-based Amazon Relational Database Service.

451 CAOS Links 2010.09.28

Document Foundation forms around LibreOffice. And more.

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# The Document Foundation was formed to develop a new LibreOffice fork of OpenOffice.org.

# Andy Updegrove explained why LibreOffice highlights the need for more open source foundations.

# The CodePlex Foundation re-branded itself the Outercurve Foundation.

# Microsoft is adopting WordPress.com as the default blogging platform for its Windows Live service.

# The IMTC acquired the Telepresence Interoperability Protocol and open source TIP Library from Cisco.

# RIM’s BlackBerry Widgets development platform is being renamed WebWorks and released as an open-source project.

# DotNetNuke is now offering integration with Facebook and Twitter via PackFlash Publish.

# Rivet Logic extended its Crafter rivet framework with the launch of Crafter Studio.

# HP, Intel and Yahoo added four more members to their Open Cirrus open source cloud test bed project.

# Modulo announced the modSIC open source Security Content Automation Protocol project.

# Sony Ericsson is ditching Symbian in favour of Android.

# Glyn Moody wondered whether we are entering the golden age of forks.

# An interview with Larry Augustin on cloud, open source and community.

# SourceFuse launched LoadedPress, based on WordPress.

# MindTouch announced the availability of the MindTouch Technical Communications Suite.

# The UK’s Deputy CIO Bill McCluggage invited case studies that highlight the business case for OSS.

# StatusNet released premium features for its StatusNet Cloud service.

# Jaspersoft CEO Brian Gentile discussed the principles of open source.

# Actify, Aras, Razorleaf and Microsoft collaborated on an open source collaborative product development offering.

# The OpenGeo Suite team announced OpenGeo Suite Enterprise Edition 2.2.

# Opsera released version 3.9.0 of its Opsview Community Edition software, including monitoring of EC2 and S3.

451 CAOS Links 2010.09.23

Red Hat’s Q2. Novell acquisition delay. And more.

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# Red Hat reported Q2 net income of $23.7m on revenue up 20% at $220m.

# Reuters reported on a delay for Novell’s acquisition, alternatives being considered.

# James Gosling explained to eWeek why he left Oracle.

# Stephen Walli maintained that FOSS licensing complexity may not actually be that complex.

# Gorilla Logic announced a new version of FlexMonkey, its open-source testing tool for Adobe Flex.

# The UK Goverment’t deputy CIO outlined plans to open up public sector IT contracts to open source suppliers.

# Cloudera published an interview with Twitter’s Kevin Weil on its use of Hadoop.

# The Center for Strategic & International Studies updated its survey of Government open source policies.

# Cloudera partnered with EMC’s Data Computing Products division to integrate Hadoop with its Greenplum database.

# Oracle proposed the Sapphire UI writing project to the technology container project at the Eclipse Foundation.

# Protecode launched its new Protecode System 4 License Obligations Report.

# TechWorld reported that Bristol council is set to embrace open source.

# VideoEgg agreed to acquire Six Apart, to form SAY Media.

451 CAOS Links 2010.09.21

Oracle launches Unbreakable Kernel, updates MySQL and Java plans. And more.

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# Oracle launched its Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel.

# Oracle announced the release candidate of MySQL 5.5.

# Oracle outlined its plans for Java platform. JavaWorld has the details.

# Novell and SAP have collaborated on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP applications.

# Mozilla joined the Open Invention Network as a licensee.

# PostgreSQL 9.0 has been released.

# Matt Asay noted that Novell’s patents are complicating its sale.

# Patrick Backman provided some insight into the founding of SkySQL.

# Mageia launched a new Linux distribution, forked from Mandriva.

# Mandriva maintained it is alive and well, and promised an autonomous Mandriva community.

# eXo launched eXo Platform 3.0 and partnered with JasperSoft.

# Ian Skerret published his JavaOne wish list. http://bit.ly/ackLn0

# The H reported that the Swiss Canton of Solothurn is abandoning Linux.

# Scality announced plans to open-source the Software Development Kit of its RING technology.

# Tasktop and Polarion announced a partnership to deliver Eclipse integration as part of an integrated ALM Suite.

# Red Hat is reportedly looking to expand its HQ with a move outside NC.

451 CAOS Links 2010.09.14

Google Code open to all. Funding for Joyent and Sonatype. And more.

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# Google Code is now open to any OSI-approved license. Google claims it has ‘made its point’ on license proliferation.

# Joyent raised $15m in series C funding from Intel Capital, Greycroft Partners and Liberty Global.

# Sonatype named Wayne Jackson as its CEO and raised $11.6m.

# Actuate launched ActuateOne, built on the foundations of the open source BIRT project.

# Mark Shuttleworth responded to criticism of Canonical’s level of code contribution.

# Microsoft hired Gianugo Rabellino as senior director, open source communities.

# Ian Skerrett discussed the importance of growing the free and open source software commons.

# Ixxus is acquiring Opsera’s Enterprise Services division for an undisclosed sum.

# Revolution Analytics announced RevoDeployR, which enables R analytics to be integrated into existing applications.

# DeviceVM plans to offer a MeeGo-compliant version of its Splashtop product.

# Cloud Linux is now installed on over 1,000 servers worldwide.

# Bacula Systems launched Enterprise Edition 4.0 of its open source backup and restore software.

# The H reported that Dell has released the modified source code from its Streak tablet version of Android.

# The Open Learning Centre launched vtiger CRM On Demand.

# Likewise launched Likewise Enterprise 6 with smart card support, and AD command-line interface admin tool.

# WS02 marked its fifth anniversary with 175% increase in new customers so far in 2010.

# xTuple listed recent customer wins.

# OpenLogic survey found heavy open source usage in mobile apps.

# Anil Dash discussed forking as a feature and the importance of Github.

# The Apache Software Foundation announced its new executive officers.

# MindTouch appointed a new CFO and claimed that it is on track to triple revenues in 2010.

451 CAOS Links 2010.09.10

Delayed reactions to Oracle vs Google. Liferay EE 6. CouchOne Mobile. And more.

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# The Free Software Foundation issued a statement on Oracle vs Google.

# Carlo Piana received assurance that Oracle is not embarking on an attack on free and open source software.

# Larry Rosen published his thoughts on open standards in the light of Oracle vs Google. (PDF)

# Liferay launched Liferay Portal 6 Enterprise Edition.

# Couchio changed its name to CouchOne and launched the CouchOne Mobile application development platform.

# Steven J Vaughan Nichols provided an overview of the ongoing Android/Linux kernel brouhaha.

# Directgov’s agile development team is seeking advice on which OSS licenses to use for government and public projects.

# Automattic handed the WordPress trademark to the WordPress Foundation.

# Simon Phipps discussed the various types of open source community.

# The Register reported on how Google’s search infrastructure has evolved beyond MapReduce.

# Dave Rosenberg discussed how GE uses Hadoop to analyze big data with GE’s Linden Hillenbrand.

# FierceGovernmentIT published a Q&A with Red Hat’s Gunnar Hellekson on open source adoption in government.

# The Illumos-based OpenIndiana distribution of OpenSolaris will launch on September 14.

# eZ Systems is opening up the development of eZ Publish with creation of eZ Publish Community Project.

# The H reported that the legal battle between NetApp and Sun, centered on the ZFS filesystem, has come to an end.

# Magento announced the public launch of its Magento Mobile ecommerce platform.

# Cloud Linux and Ksplice launched a rebootless Linux distribution for hosting service providers.

# Open-Xchange updated its open source collaboration software to version 6.18.

# The Microsoft CodePlex.com team donated $25,000 to the Mercurial project.

451 CAOS Links 2010.09.07

Red Hat appoints public policy chief. Funding for VoltDB. And more.

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# Red Hat appointed Mark Bohannon as vice president of corporate affairs and global public policy.

# VoltDB raised $5m in first round funding.

# Ingres teamed up with Univention to combine Ingres Database with Univention Corporate Server.

# Computing reported that the EU has released open source software tools to access its digitally stored data.

# OStatic reported on SparkleShare, and open source alternative to DropBox.

# Smashing Magazine investigated open source design.

# Krishnan Subramanian asked, how open (source) is Citrix’s Open Cloud?

451 CAOS Links 2010.09.03

SLES for VMware. Red Hat for Makara? Controversy for OpenStack. And more.

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# VMware and Novell announced the general availability of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for VMware.

# The Register reported that Red Hat is in talks to buy JBoss cloud provisioning startup Makara.

# Andrew Clay Shafer clarified the apparent controversy regarding OpenStack, RackSpace, and Amazon’s APIs.

# Stephen Walli said there is no need to overhaul the Open Source Definition.

# Sironta Software launched with “open source alternative to Microsoft SharePoint” at OpenOffice.org Conference.

# Google outlined the future of Google Wave source code and protocol.

# Stephen Walli noted that with open source no one is working for free.

# Continuent announced the general availability of Continuent Tungsten version 1.3.

# Open-Xchange released a free migration tool for Microsoft Outlook users.

# OStatic explored Apple’s relationship with open source.

# Rhomobile updated its RhoSync open source sync server for enterprise data to version 2.0.

# Sendmail claimed 27%+ revenue growth in first half of 2010.

# JumpBox partnered with OnApp to make it easier for hosting providers to adopt open source web apps.

# The H declared that the hype around commercial open source software is over.

# ActiveState added packages to its ActivePython Business, Enterprise, and OEM Editions.

# Patrick Finch discussed the end of OpenSolaris (and Liverpool’s chances in Europe)?

451 CAOS Links 2010.08.31

VMware launches vFabric. Actuate claims $50m OSS-related revenue. And more.

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# VMware delivered vFabric cloud app platform, based on SpringSource, Hyperic, RabbitMQ, and GemFire technologies.

# Actuate claimed to have generated over $50m in BIRT-based revenue in less than four years.

# TierraCloud launched the HC2 open source private cloud project, based on the code from Sun’s Project Honeycomb.

# EnterpriseDB raised a strategic investment from KT (Korea Telecom) and new VC funding from TransLink Capital.

# Cloudant released its BigCouch project as open source software under the Apache 2.0 license.

# Nuxeo published an introduction to fise, an open source RESTful semantic engine.

# Gijs Hillenius reported on the increased use of the European Union Public Licence.

# Javlin released CloverETL Community Edition, based on the CloverETL open source transformation engine.

# Stephen Walli emphasized the difference between project and product when it comes to open source software.

# James Gosling began a campaign to hold Oracle to its pledge to create an open independent vendor-neutral JCP.

# The Software Freedom Law Center opened a branch in India.

# General Hugh Shelton was elected to serve as chairman of Red Hat’s board of directors.

# Citrix is integrating its OpenCloud with OpenStack and the Open vSwitch project.

# The Ruby on Rails community completed its work on Rails 3.

# Interesting perspective on the future of the government forges with reference to Forge.mil and Forge.gov.

# Adam Leventhal discussed the past, present and potential future of Solaris.

451 CAOS Links 2010.08.27

Red Hat takes a PaaS at the cloud. Novell’s Linux revenues slide. And more.

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# Red Hat outlined its PaaS strategy as part of its Cloud Foundations portfolio.

# Red Hat submitted the API specification for Apache Deltacloud to the Distributed Management Task Force.

# Novell reported (PDF) Linux platform product revenue of $35.5m in Q3, down 7.1%. Total revenue was $199m, down 7.9%.

# Simon Phipps asked whether open source communities should avoid contributor agreements.

# OpenGeo announced the release of OpenGeo Suite Cloud Edition.

# UK councilor, Liam Maxwell, said central govt is holding up adoption of OSS, councils could save at least £51m.

# Sacha Labourey launched CloudBees, offering PaaS for Java applications based on Hudson Continuous Integration.

# Simon Phipps said “which open source licence” is the wrong question.

# Matt Asay asked “can open source be saved from itself?”

# Motorola has reportedly acquired 280 North – creators of open source Cappuccino app framework – for $20m.

# Marten Mickos explained Eucalyptus Systems’ perspective on the NASA/OpenStack brouhaha.

# Carlo Daffara explained the intricacies involved in open source software license selection.

# Colosa released the enterprise edition of its ProcessMaker BPM software.

# Eucalyptus Systems released version 2.0 of its open source private cloud software.

# ZDNet reported on the importance of VMware to Novell.

# ReadWriteWeb explained why Large Hadron Collider scientists are using CouchDB.

# Diaspora, the “open source Facebook” will launch on September 15.

# Simon Phipps explained why GNU/Linux is finally Free software.

451 CAOS Links 2010.08.17

Google responds to Oracle’s patent claims. So does everyone else. ClosedSolaris. And more.

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Oracle versus Google
# Google called Oracle’s patent suit a baseless, attack on the open-source Java community.

# James Gosling offered some historical context for Oracle’s patent claims against Google.

# Google/Oracle analysis from Stephen O’Grady Carlo Daffara and Andy Updegrove.

# The 451 perspective: Oracle legal move evokes many questions and Google vs Oracle ≠ open vs closed, or good vs evil.

# Matt Asay argued that Oracle vs Google is about free markets, not free software.

# Computerworld reported: Oracle signals an end to OpenSolaris.

# Garrett D’Amore explained why Oracle may be forcing Illumos to “fork” OpenSolaris.

The best of the rest
# Thoughts on corporate contributions to OSS from Matt Asay and Mike Loukides.

# xTuple introduced xTuple Connect, providing EDI and real-time connectivity to its open source ERP software.

# The Open Invention Network and Arizona State University have started a mobile device identity management research program.

# Red Hat published an overview of its cloud architecture.

# Oracle and Novell filed to block SCO’s attempts to sell its assets in bankruptcy court.

# LogLogic announced plans to open source its new transport and store protocol.

451 CAOS Links 2010.08.13

Oracle sues Google. Novell bidders down to three. VMware for Alfresco? And more.

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# Oracle filed a complaint against Google for patent and copyright infringement.

# Initial analysis of Oracle v Google from Andrew Savory, Miguel de Icaza, Brian Prentice and Carlo Daffara.

# The VAR Guy’s sources say VMware is mulling a partnership, investment or outright acquisition of Alfresco.

# The 451 Group’s Brenon Daly provided an update on the potential acquisition of Novell.

# Cloudera discussed common Hadoop administration issues, and how to avoid them.

# 10gen added to its engineering and sales teams and opened a Bay Area office.

# Novell announced that Amazon Web Services will offer support for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

# The creators of SIPfoundry have cofounded eZuce to promote openUC open source communications software.

# DJ Walker-Morgan discussed the potential for an organic open source movement.

# The H reported that the GNOME Foundation has set out new rules for copyright assignment.

# Sendmail and Splunk introduced real-time monitoring and reporting into the Sentrion Message Processing Engine.

# MontaVista updated its Meld community for developers of embedded Linux devices.

# Simon Phipps declared “The [commercial open source] King Is Dead, Long Live The King”.

# The H reported that Canonical has explained the use of its new census package.

# Paula Rooney detailed the top challenges for Linux kernel team outlined at LinuxCon.

451 CAOS Links 2010.07.27

New projects. Old arguments. And more.

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New projects
# Gemini Mobile Technologies released Hibari, a new open source non-relational database for big data.

# Lockheed Martin launched the Eureka Streams open source project for enterprise social networking.

# Sony Pictures Imageworks expanded its open source initiative with the release of OpenColorIO.

Old arguments
# Kirk Wylie discussed the importance of natural split in open core , OpenGamma’s approach.

# Alan Shimel offered 10 commandments for open core. Mostly sensible, #6 will ruffle some feathers though.

# Simon Phipps maintained that open source does not need “monetising”.

# Carlo Daffara discussed property and efficiency as the basis of OSS business models.

# Jorg Janke continued his discussion of various open source business strategies in relation to Compiere.

# Henrik Ingo explained what you can do to help get rid of open core if you are so inclined.

# dotCMS went open core with the release of version 1.9.

# IBM faces EU antitrust investigation linked to TurboHercules complaint.

# The FT reported that IBM is blaming Microsoft for the EU investigation into its mainframe business practices.

# TechDirt explained how WordPress and Thesis have settled their differences over themes and the GPL.

The best of the rest
# Novell introduced SUSE Gallery for publishing and sharing Linux-based appliances.

# VoltDB released version 1.1 of its open source database.

# EnterpriseDB released Postgres Plus Advanced Server 8.4 and added Rob Bearden to its board.

# SAP has adopted Black Duck’s Suite to manage the use of open source software in its software development process.

# Oracle provided details of the MySQL Sunday event at Oracle Open World.

# SearchEnterpriseLinux reported that Ubuntu is gaining ground as a data center OS at the expense of SUSE Linux.

# Physorg.com explained how Georgia Institute of Technology researchers are helping the US military benefit from OSS.

# GENIVI Allianced has reportedly opted for MeeGo for its in-vehicle infotainment platform.

451 CAOS Links 2010.07.23

The post-OSCON lull. In alphabetical order.

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# Canonical launched a virtual appliance of IBM’s DB2 Express-C software running on the Ubuntu cloud platform.

# Carlo Daffara discussed the relationship between open core, dual licensing and contributions.

# ForgeRock released OpenAM 9.5, the first community-sourced release of the OpenAM access management software.

# Ignacio M. Llorente provided an overview of the OpenNebula project, in the context of OpenStack.

# Kaltura launched version 2.0 of Its on-prem Community Edition open source video platform.

# Nuxeo announced Nuxeo Correspondence Management, a new application built with Nuxeo Case Management Framework.

# Open Source for America has grown its membership from 70 to 1,700 in its first year.

# Outerthought released a proof of concept for Lily, a content repository that combines Apache Hbase and Solr.

# Sauce Labs announced Sauce OnDemand, enabling cross-browser testing of Adobe Flex and Flash in the cloud.

# Savio Rodrigues explained why OpenStack will not kill open core.

# SugarCRM announced it will release open source functional and performance testing tools for web-enabled apps.

# Terracotta announced Ehcache 2.2, offering over a terabyte of data in a single cache.

# The Apache Software Foundation announced Apache FOP Version 1.0.

# The open core issue (part two) How the open core strategy works, and how it doesn’t.

451 CAOS Links 2010.07.16

SugarCRM. Funding for EnterpriseDB and Morphlabs. Even more core. And more

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# OStatic asked whether SugarCRM has violated open source principles.

# Larry Augustin clarified SugarCRM’s approach to open source and openness.

# Savio Rodrigues advised anyone considering SugarCRM not to get hung-up on source code availability.

Funding round
# EnterpriseDB has reportedly raised $7.5m of a planned $12m round of funding.

# Morphlabs raised $5.5m series B financing from Frontera Group, CSK Venture Capital and AO Capital Partners.

Even more core
# Jack Repenning called for an exploration of the delicate line between “crippleware” and “added value.”

# Likewise Software argued that customers drive open core.

# Stephen Walli explained how the success or failure of an open core model depends on execution.

Best of the rest
# Simon Phipps explained what led the OpenSolaris Governing Board to issue its ultimatum to Oracle.

# A Jaspersoft survey suggested Oracle’s acquisition of Sun may spark resurgence of Java and faster growth of MySQL.

# The Apache Software Foundation announced its new board members.

# Talend grew its customer base by 50% to over 1,500 customers in the first half of 2010, with 450,000 open source users.

# Part two of TEC’s interview with Consona’s CEO about its acquisition of Compiere.

# Are WordPress themes required to use the GPL? Tris Hussey provided an into to the ongoing debate.

# Joyent acquired software virtual server management tools provider Layerboom Systems.

# Opsview released version 3.8 of Opsview Enterprise, claiming data collection performance improvements over Nagios.

# Linux Journal reported that Mandriva’s press release raises more questions than answers.

# Cloudera is building a connector between Netezza’s TwinFin appliance and Cloudera’s Distribution for Hadoop.

# The end of Micosoft’s agreement with the UK NHS provides an opportunity for open source.

# Vodafone Group announced that it will make its location based services software open source.

# SourceForge launched its new forge development platform. Adobe is the first user.

# Glyn Moody published a Q&A with Richard Stallman on .NET, Mono and DotGNU.

# Couchio announced the release of CouchDB 1.0, the Apache NoSQL document database.

# MindTouchlaunched MindTouch 2010, including curation analytics for content and documentation.

# nPulse Technologies delivered its Dragonfly family of open source-based high-speed network sensors.

# A man walks in to a bar… Yves de Montcheuil is in search of a suitable analogy for open source and the cloud.

451 CAOS Links 2010.07.02

Funding for Eucalytus and Moodlerooms. SkySQL offers support for MySQL. And more.

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# Eucalyptus Systems raised $20m in a second round of funding led by New Enterprise Associates.

# Moodlerooms reportedly raised $7.15m in equity funding.

# SkySQL announced its intention to provide support & services for the MySQL ecosystem.

# StatusNet launched the open source StatusNet Desktop Client.

# Rhomobile released Rhodes 2.0 under the MIT License.

# The H reported that Oracle has joined the SQLite Consortium.

# Icinga marked its first year as an open source monitoring project.

# Rivet Logic announced a partnership with Lucid Imagination on open source content and search technologies.

# Jedox increased its licence turnover by over 100% in the first half of 2010 and signed 50 new customers.

# Axial Exchange partnered with MuleSoft to release a new open source healthcare interoperability platform.

# IBM is moving to Firefox as its

# The VAR Guy examined the rumour that VMware has bid to acquire Novell.

# Zenoss released Zenoss Enterprise 3.0.

# Sones released its first open source version of GraphDB, a NoSQL graph database.

# Likewise released version 6.0 of its Likewise Open authentication software.

# A Q&A with Oracle chief corporate architect Edward Screven on the importance of open source and open standards.

# Ulteo released version 2.5 of its open source virtual desktop software.

# Marten Mickos responded to Simon Phipps’ criticism of the open core model.

# Stephen O’Grady explained why open core is the new dual licensing.

# xTuple updated its open source business management software and expanded its xTuple Cloud Service.

451 CAOS Links 2010.06.29

Elephants on parade: Hadoop goes mainstream. And more.

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Elephants on parade
# Cloudera launched v3 of its Distribution for Hadoop and released v1 of Cloudera Enterprise.

# Karmasphere released new Professional and Analyst Editions of its Hadoop development and deployment studio.

# Talend announced that its Integration Suite now offers native support for Hadoop.

# Yahoo announced the beta release of Hadoop with Security and Oozie, Yahoo’s workflow engine for Hadoop.

# Datameer announced a strategic partnership with Zementis for predictive analytics on Hadoop.

# The Register reported that Twitter is set to open source its MySQL-to-Hadoop tool.

# MicroStrategy announced support for Apache Hadoop as a data source for MicroStrategy 9.

# Appistry announced Hadoop-based strategic alliances Concurrent, Datameer and Kitenga.

# GOTO Metrics released Data Analytics Platform, a Hadoop-based business intelligence platform.

Best of the rest
# The Software Freedom Law Center responded to the Supreme Court’s decision on Bilski v. Kappos, while Mark Radcliffe provided his thoughts.

# David Wiley discussed openness, radicalism, and tolerance (and the lack of it).

# Jorg Janke discussed how Compiere overstepped the balance between proprietary and open product components.

# Simon Phipps argued that open core is bad for software freedom.

# Nick Halsey joined SugarCRM as chief marketing officer.

# DotNetNuke more than doubled its subscription customers in 1H10 to nearly 800, expects 400% FY revenue growth.

# Nuxeo announced its new Nuxeo Case Management Framework.

# Mike Masnick discussed why the lack of billion dollar pure play open source software companies is a good thing.

# The Apache Software Foundation announced Apache Tomcat Version 7.0.

# Glyn Moody asked whether Oracle has been a disaster for Sun’s open source.

# Infoworld discussed eight business strategies for profiting from open source software.

# Computerworld reported that Red Hat CEO sees VMware as biggest competitor.

# IBM published an essay on the role Linux plays in its smarter planet initiative.

# Groklaw asked, What did Microsoft know about SCO’s plan to attack Linux, and when did it know it?

# Mozilla won the American Business Award for the most innovative company of the year.