451 CAOS Links 2011.11.29

Software foundations in the Git era. New funding for Puppet Labs. And more

# Mikeal Rogers’ post on the Apache Software Foundation’s slow response to the Git era prompted significant discussion, from Mike Milinkovich, Bradley M. Kuhn, Stephen Walli, Stephen O’Grady, Simon Phipps, and the ASF’s Jim Jagielski. Alternative you could just read this tweet.

# Puppet Labs raised $8.5m in series C funding from Cisco, Google Ventures, and VMware as well as Kleiner Perkins, True Ventures, and Radar Partners.

# YaCy, a free distributed search engine was launched.

# Alex Pinchev, Red Hat’s Executive Vice President of Sales, Services & Field Marketing, will be stepping down in January to become the chief executive officer of a data protection software company.

# Tasktop Technologies announced Tasktop Sync 2.0.

# Interesting statistics on Apache Hadoop adoption based on LinkedIn data, from NC State University’s Institute for Advanced Analytics.

451 CAOS Links 2011.06.03

Reaction to Apache OpenOffice proposal. The rise of Github. And more.

Apache OpenOffice proposal
# Oracle confirmed that it had proposed that OpenOffice.org become an Apache Incubator project (as initially reported by Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols). The project will be backed by IBM, which is providing the staff resources.

# IBM representatives, including Bob Sutor, Ed Brill and Rob Weir discussed the positive aspects of the move while Bradley M Kuhn declared it an ” insidious attack” on the LibreOffice despite noting that the ultimate long-term outcome is likely to be all positive for LibreOffice.

# Meanwhile Jay Lyman offered a perspective from The 451 Group, including disappointment that Oracle didn’t move quicker, while Ian Skerrett discussed why open source an ideology don’t necessarily mix.

# The Document Foundation, meanwhile, indicated that the announcement impact was neutral on the LibreOffice project, but did state that would welcome the reuniting of the OpenOffice.org and LibreOffice projects and was willing to start talking with Apache Software Foundation. ASF president Jim Jagielski discussed the next steps for OpenOffice.org as a potential incubator project. Additionally, The Document Foundation announced LibreOffice 3.4.0.

The best of the rest
# Github is now the most popular open source forge, according to data released by Black Duck Software.

# Pedro Côrte-Real published research that indicates GNU makes up about 8% of GNU/Linux.

# Heroku added Node.js support to the Celadon Cedar release of its PaaS platform.

# Nuxeo updated its Nuxeo Document Management and Nuxeo Enterprise Platform products.

# Andrew Katz asked ‘Why does the UK Government need to own the copyright in software it has developed?’

# O’Reilly Radar published an interview with former White House deputy CTO Andrew McLaughlin on the Civic Commons local government code sharing initiative.

# Open Ocean launched a “start-up pitch” competition for would-be European open source start-ups.

# MapR Technologies announced its intention to contribute some of its Hadoop modifications to the Apache project.

# Matt Asay argued that no one is ‘morally obligated’ to give back to open source.

# Canonical launched its Ubuntu-Ready hardware certification.

# The Mageia community announced the first release of its fork of Mandriva Linux.

451 CAOS Links 2011.01.07

Salesforce.com acquires DimDim. Sourcefire acquires Immunet. Synga acquires Flock. And more.

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# Salesforce.com confirmed its acquisition of DimDim but stated that it will no longer contribute to the OSS project.

# Sourcefire acquired Immunet.

# Zynga acquired social browser provider Flock.

# Cloudera became a sponsor of the Apache Software Foundation.

# OStatic reported on open source lion collars.

# Dave Neary published Open Source community building: a guide to getting it right.

# The ASF confirmed that Apache OODT (Object-Oriented Data Technology) is now a Top-Level Project.

# Revolution Analytics tripled its enterprise customer base and grew revenue from Revolution R Enterprise 450% in 2010.

# The January edition of the OSBR is focused on the business of open source.

# Drupal 7 is now available.

# Protecode joined the Linux Foundation.

# Wayne Jackson explained why Sonatype moved Nexus to the Affero General Public License.

# ServerWatch examined Cisco’s changing approach to cloud computing and open source software.

# HDB Newco Inc (HadoopDB) joined Connecticut Innovations Inc incubator.

# Black Duck named its open source project rookies of the year.

Java mutiny in the making

The Apache Software Foundation’s latest statement on the Java Community Process highlights continued dissatisfaction and dissent from Oracle’s stewardship and involvement in open source software.

This comes after some ups and downs for Oracle and its oversight of Java and other open source software that was previously under the auspices of Sun Microsystems. Oracle started off on a rough path when it sued Google over its implementation of Java in Android without preemptively or clearly stating that it was not attacking open source. At about the same time, it let OpenSolaris die a slow, somewhat confusing death. Oracle won a point when IBM came out with its support in favor of the JCP and OpenJDK over Apache Harmony, and this contributes to the adversarial positioning between Oracle and the Apache Software Foundation. However, Oracle has also seen an erosion of open source support and confidence as OpenOffice.org developers have migrated away from Oracle, many to contribute to the new Libre Office project.

Oracle’s moves illustrate the company’s lack of complete understanding of open source and the value of open source software communities. While it appreciates and leverages open source as an effective, efficient software development approach, it does not truly see the value of providing software to a community and attaining benefits of efficiency, reach and innovation as a result. This is not to say that supporting an open source software community will automatically translate into commercial and community success (not the case with Symbian, for example), but Oracle does not appear to support community as a priority in its proprietary and admittedly successful software strategy.

MySQL can be an example of Oracle doing things right with open source, though we may see similar dissatisfaction and defection as Oracle moves further toward commercialization and further away from free, community software. Still, Oracle at least showed it could continue and contribute and support a successful open source project in the case of MySQL. The same may not be said for OpenSolaris, OpenOffice.org or, increasingly it appears, Java.

451 CAOS Links 2010.10.01

Is the JCP going the way of OpenOffice.org? Nagios trademark spat. And more.

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# The Register reported that the JCP has passed a resolution calling on Oracle to spin it out as an as a independent body.

# EFF, ASF and CCIA offered their support to Microsoft in seeking to make it easier to invalidate patents.

# Ethan Galstad explained how and why he is defending the Nagios trademark.

# Julian Hein said he has handed over the Nagios trademarks, gives his side of the story.

# Atlassian acquired BitBucket, which offers code hosting for the Mercurial DCVS.

# Ned Lilly provided some tips for engaging with open source communities.

# OpenLogic announced a partnership with European open source systems integrator Smile.

# The UK’s National Archives introduced a new license enabling the reuse of govt data and source code.

# Differentiating Community from Customers in an F/LOSS Business, by Matthew Aslett and Stephen Walli, published OSBR.ca.

# Marten Mickos’s liquidity moment featured in the FT.

# Will Lustre keep its luster? NetworkWorld investigates.

# ForgeRock added the OpenDJ directory server, based on OpenDS, to its I3 Open Platform.

# Ars Aperta, Ayeba, Array, InitMarketing, and OpenDawn launched the FossAlliance.

# eZ Systems unveiled eZ Publish Enterprise 4.4.

# Red Hat updated its JBoss Enterprise Application Platform and Enterprise Web Platform products.

# Simon Phipps offered a reminder of some of the founding principles of free and open source software.

# SugarCRM introduced Sugar platform edition for the OEM market.

# A Q&A with Hadoop creator Doug Cutting on the origins and use cases of Hadoop.

# Drizzle is available now for beta testing.

# Karmasphere published the results of a survey of Hadoop developers regarding adoption, use and future plans.

# Novell updated its SUSE Appliance Toolkit with support for Amazon EC2, KVM and OVF virtualization formats.

# Matt Asay discussed the importance of collaborating with developers, rather than just targeting them.

# Opengear announced monitoring and management partnerships with Zenoss and SolarWinds.

# OpenLogic announced its support for the Software Package Data Exchange specification.

# Stephen Walli explained how to talk to your lawyer about open source software.

# Dell’s PowerEdge servers are now certified with Ubuntu Server Edition.

# Mark Shuttlewoth introduced Ubuntu – the font.

# vtiger announced the availability of vtiger CRM 5.2.0.

451 CAOS Links – 2008.06.17

Funambol obtains new round of funding. Sourcefire appoints new CEO. Mozilla releases Firefox 3. (and more)

Funambol Secures $12.5 Million in Venture Funding, Funambol (Press Release)

Sourcefire Names John C. Burris Chief Executive Officer, Sourcefire (Press Release)

Mozilla Releases Firefox 3 and Redefines the Web Experience, Mozilla (Press Release)

Red Hat Puts Patent Issue to Rest, Red Hat (Press Release)

Customers, Partners Run Top Supercomputers on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for High Performance Computing, Novell (Press Release)

Accenture and SpringSource Team to Deliver Production Version of Open Source Framework for Batch Processing, SpringSource / Accenture (Press Release)

The Apache Software Foundation’s ‘Apache Way’ Continues to Gain Momentum, Recognition, and Influence on the Future of Open Source Technologies, Apache Software Foundation (Press Release)

Alfresco Partners with Adobe to Deliver Content Services for Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite, Alfresco Software / Adobe (Press Release)

Open Source Census Gaining Traction Globally as Enterprises Gain Visibility Into Their Own Open Source Usage, Open Source Census (Press Release)

New Xandros Management Tool Facilitates Red Hat Server Administration, Xandros (Press Release)

Compiere Launches Community Wiki to Promote Open Source ERP Collaboration, Compiere (Press Release)

Fonality Records 15 Quarters of High Growth, Leads Open Source Telephony Market, Fonality (Press Release)

IONA Commends Vibrant Apache CXF Community, IONA Technologies (Press Release)

Microsoft now sponsor of Open Source Census, LinuxWorld, Chris Kanaracus (Article)

Can we advance open source by sacrificing software freedom?, Ars Technica, Ryan Paul (Article)

Why Linux is not coming to a desktop near you, iTWire, Sam Varghese (Article)

Firefox aims for download record, BBC News (Article)

What do Free and Open Source Software Leaders Think of Microsoft?, Datamation, Bruce Byfield (Article)

Andre Boisvert: The Man Behind the Open Source Curtain, Socialized Software, Mark Hinkle (Blog)

“Hello, world!”, Hyperic Blog, Jeremy Hogan (Blog)

451 CAOS Links – 2008.04.15

Marketcetera obtains funding. Microsoft posts additional protocol docs. Sun announces MySQL 5.1. (and more)

Marketcetera Closes $4 Million Series A Financing Led by Shasta Ventures, Marketcetera (Press Release)

Microsoft Publicly Posts Additional Protocol Documentation, Microsoft (Press Release)

Sun Microsystems Announces MySQL 5.1, Sun Microsystems (Press Release)

Sun Celebrates Third-Party MySQL Storage Engines, Sun Microsystems (Press Release)

Compiere Releases Open Source ERP Solution Upgrade, Compiere (Press Release)

Dimdim Frees Up Web Meetings, Dimdim (Press Release)

Oracle Subsidiary Innobase OY Releases InnoDB Plug-in for MySQL 5.1, Oracle (Press Release)

Continuent Announces New uni/cluster 2008 for MySQL, Continuent (Press Release)

Eclipse Expands Open Source Technologies for Embedded and Mobile Developers, Eclipse Foundation (Press Release)

Kickfire Announces First High-Performance Appliance for MySQL, Kickfire (Press Release)

AlterPoint Opens 2008 with Record Results, AlterPoint (Press Release)

Alfresco Closes Landmark Financial Year 2007, Alfresco Software (Press Release)

WaveMaker Adds Informix Founder to Board of Directors, WaveMaker (Press Release)

Open Kernel Labs Showcases Milestones on One-Year Anniversary, Open Kernel Labs (Press Release)

Appcelerator Integrates Rich Internet Application Platform with Google App Engine, Appcelerator (Press Release)

CollabNet Strengthens Management Team with Key Additions, CollabNet (Press Release)

Open Source Initiative (OSI) Announces Results of 2008 Board Election, OSI (Press Release)

Yahoo Refugee Tim Cadogan Lands at OpenX As CEO, TechCrunch, Erick Schonfeld (Article)

Open Source Census Launches, CIO Magazine, Chris Kanaracus (Article)

Linux Ecosystem Revenue to Near $50 Billion by 2011, LinuxInsider, Walaika Haskins (Article)

ISO calls for end to OOXML ‘personal attacks’, ZDNet.co.uk, David Meyer (Article)

2008 Server OS Reliability Survey, Institute for Advanced Professional Studies, Laura DiDio (Article)

SitePen: Passing the Open-Source Torch, eWeek, Darryl Taft (Article)

The Linux Foundation and the future of Linux, Linux.com, Joe Barr (Article)

Fresh blood – the new fight for open source, Reg Developer, Gavin Clarke (Article)

Open Source Decade: 10 years after the Free Software Summit, Ars Technica, Federico Biancuzzi (Article)

Should Microsoft buy RHT?, Maison Fleury, Marc Fleury (Blog)

Why I’m okay that Google Code doesn’t support AGPL, InfoWorld Open Sources, Savio Rodrigues (Blog)

A funny thing happened on the way to ApacheCon, Microsoft – Port 25, Garrett Serack (Blog)

My kid hates Linux, ZDNet Education, Christopher Dawson (Blog)

The 451 Group Visits Microsoft, Boycott Novell, Roy Schestowitz (Blog)

10 things to consider when choosing a Linux distribution, TechRepublic – 10 Things, Jack Wallen (Blog)

Burning the Boats!, TheOpenForce.com, Zack Urlocker (Blog)

451 CAOS Links – 2008.04.07

EnterpriseDB and SpikeSource obtain new rounds of funding. Microsoft’s Open XML document format wins approval. Linux Foundation releases report on Linux participation. (and more)

NOTE: Sorry for the delay in getting a new link post up. I have been traveling almost non-stop since the last link posting on March 19th. This is the busy season for open source conferences. This link posting includes all of the major open source press releases from March 20th through April 5th. On Thursday of this week (when I return home from another trip), I will post a new set of links including new press releases and the top articles and blog postings all the way back to March 20th. Thanks for your patience.

EnterpriseDB Raises $10 Million in Series C Financing, EnterpriseDB (Press Release)

SpikeSource Launches SpikeSource Solutions Factory; Game-changing Platform Shifts the Way Software Is Developed, Delivered and Supported, SpikeSource (Press Release)

Ecma Office Open XML Document Format Appears to Win Approval as an ISO/IEC Standard, Microsoft (Press Release)

Linux Foundation Publishes Study on Linux Development Statistics: Who Writes Linux and Who Supports It, Linux Foundation (Press Release)

Red Hat Reports Fiscal Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2008 Results, Red Hat (Press Release)

Annual ‘Future of Open Source’ Survey Results Announced at OSBC, OSBC / North Bridge Venture Partners (Press Release)

Microsoft and Sourcesense Partner to Contribute to Open Source, Apache POI to Support Ecma Office Open XML File Formats, Microsoft / Sourcesense (Press Release)

EnterpriseDB Introduces Postgres Plus Product Family, EnterpriseDB (Press Release)

Ringside Networks Brings the Power of Social Networking to Every Business, Ringside Networks (Press Release)

Adobe Advances RIA Technologies for Linux Community, Adobe AIR (Press Release)

Adobe Joins Linux Foundation with Focus on Linux for Web 2.0 Applications, Linux Foundation / Adobe (Press Release)

Oracle Releases Clusterware for Oracle Unbreakable Linux Support Customers, Oracle (Press Release)

‘End of Life’ announcement for Ubuntu 6.10, Canonical (Press Release)

Software Freedom Law Center Releases Paper on Shareware Redistribution of Free Software, Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC) (Press Release)

Open-Xchange Joins Eclipse Foundation, Open-Xchange (Press Release)

EnterpriseDB Open Sources GridSQL, EnterpriseDB (Press Release)

Concursive Enhances Leading Open Source CRM and Front-Office System With E-Commerce and Web Content Management Upgrades, Concursive (formerly Centric CRM) (Press Release)

OpenLogic Survey Debunks Myths About Open Source Developers, OpenLogic (Press Release)

SpringSource Enterprise Released, SpringSource (Press Release)

Groundwork Addresses Enterprise Demand With New It Systems And Network Management Products, GroundWork Open Source (Press Release)

Zenoss Releases Service Provider Edition, Zenoss (Press Release)

JasperSoft Delivers Open Source Business Intelligence Optimized for Windows and Excel, JasperSoft (Press Release)

RealNetworks Announces RealPlayer for Intel-based Mobile Internet Devices, RealNetworks (Press Release)

Intalio|On Demand Launched, First Ever Open Source BPM Suite as Service, Intalio (Press Release)

New Hyperic UI-Based Plugin Framework Powers ‘Hot’ Integration, Hyperic (Press Release)

Vyatta Delivers Appliance for Small Networks, Vyatta (Press Release)

TWIKI.NET Announces New Leadership, TWIKI.NET (Press Release)

LiMo Foundation Completes LiMo Platform Release 1, LiMo Foundation (Press Release)

Likewise Open Spring ’08 is Live — Authenticates All Linux, UNIX and Mac Enterprise Platforms with Microsoft Active Directory, Likewise Software (formerly Centeris) (Press Release)

CollabNet opens Distributed Development Platform to all Developers, CollabNet (Press Release

Ingres Certified for Alfresco Product Suite, Ingres / Alfresco Software (Press Release)

Zimbra Expands Mobile E-mail Availability to All Java-enabled Devices, Yahoo! (Press Release)

Mobile Linux Conference Set To Debut At LinuxWorld 2008, IDG World Expo (Press Release)

Univa UD Announces General Availability of UniCluster Express 3.2, Univa UD (Press Release)

IONA Extends Leadership in Open Source with Sponsorship of The Apache Software Foundation, IONA Technologies (Press Release)

MuleSource Launches Mule 2.0 Community Edition with New Eclipse-based IDE, MuleSource (Press Release)