451 CAOS Links 2011.02.18

Much ado about open source licenses and Microsoft’s Windows Phone Marketplace. And more.

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“Tracking the open source news wires, so you don’t have to.”

# Had Microsoft banned OSS from its Marketplace app store? Or was it just the GPLv3 family of licenses. The answer, predictably, was somewhere between the two, as Microsoft later clarified that BSD, MIT, Apache Software License 2.0, and MS-PL are allowed.

# Novell’s stockholders voted in favour of the Attachmate acquisition.

# eZ Systems secured €3.3 in a series C funding round.

# Open source graph database vendor Sones appointed former Novell Linux business exec Richard Doll as its new CEO.

# Karmasphere appointed former Omniture exec Gail Ennis as chief executive officer.

# DataDirect Networks announced a series of HPC funding initiatives around the Lustre open source file system.

# Rhomobile updated its Rhodes framework for building smartphone applications.

# Infobright released version 3.5 of its analytic database.

# Icinga released version 1.3 of its open source monitoring software.

# Terracotta added Ehcache Search to the standalone and distributed versions of Ehcache.

# Nicolas Pujol discussed the four capital mistakes of open source-related businesses.

# OStatic reported that Fedora, openSUSE haven given up on Unity.

# MontaVista claimed a Linux performance breakthrough with Bare Metal Engine.

# Google updated its Google Web Toolkit to version 2.2.

# 36 hours after launching a plan to reverse Nokia-Microsoft deal, Nokia Plan B called it quits.

451 CAOS Links 2010.10.01

Is the JCP going the way of OpenOffice.org? Nagios trademark spat. And more.

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“Tracking the open source news wires, so you don’t have to.”

# The Register reported that the JCP has passed a resolution calling on Oracle to spin it out as an as a independent body.

# EFF, ASF and CCIA offered their support to Microsoft in seeking to make it easier to invalidate patents.

# Ethan Galstad explained how and why he is defending the Nagios trademark.

# Julian Hein said he has handed over the Nagios trademarks, gives his side of the story.

# Atlassian acquired BitBucket, which offers code hosting for the Mercurial DCVS.

# Ned Lilly provided some tips for engaging with open source communities.

# OpenLogic announced a partnership with European open source systems integrator Smile.

# The UK’s National Archives introduced a new license enabling the reuse of govt data and source code.

# Differentiating Community from Customers in an F/LOSS Business, by Matthew Aslett and Stephen Walli, published OSBR.ca.

# Marten Mickos’s liquidity moment featured in the FT.

# Will Lustre keep its luster? NetworkWorld investigates.

# ForgeRock added the OpenDJ directory server, based on OpenDS, to its I3 Open Platform.

# Ars Aperta, Ayeba, Array, InitMarketing, and OpenDawn launched the FossAlliance.

# eZ Systems unveiled eZ Publish Enterprise 4.4.

# Red Hat updated its JBoss Enterprise Application Platform and Enterprise Web Platform products.

# Simon Phipps offered a reminder of some of the founding principles of free and open source software.

# SugarCRM introduced Sugar platform edition for the OEM market.

# A Q&A with Hadoop creator Doug Cutting on the origins and use cases of Hadoop.

# Drizzle is available now for beta testing.

# Karmasphere published the results of a survey of Hadoop developers regarding adoption, use and future plans.

# Novell updated its SUSE Appliance Toolkit with support for Amazon EC2, KVM and OVF virtualization formats.

# Matt Asay discussed the importance of collaborating with developers, rather than just targeting them.

# Opengear announced monitoring and management partnerships with Zenoss and SolarWinds.

# OpenLogic announced its support for the Software Package Data Exchange specification.

# Stephen Walli explained how to talk to your lawyer about open source software.

# Dell’s PowerEdge servers are now certified with Ubuntu Server Edition.

# Mark Shuttlewoth introduced Ubuntu – the font.

# vtiger announced the availability of vtiger CRM 5.2.0.

451 CAOS Links 2010.09.10

Delayed reactions to Oracle vs Google. Liferay EE 6. CouchOne Mobile. And more.

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“Tracking the open source news wires, so you don’t have to.”

# The Free Software Foundation issued a statement on Oracle vs Google.

# Carlo Piana received assurance that Oracle is not embarking on an attack on free and open source software.

# Larry Rosen published his thoughts on open standards in the light of Oracle vs Google. (PDF)

# Liferay launched Liferay Portal 6 Enterprise Edition.

# Couchio changed its name to CouchOne and launched the CouchOne Mobile application development platform.

# Steven J Vaughan Nichols provided an overview of the ongoing Android/Linux kernel brouhaha.

# Directgov’s agile development team is seeking advice on which OSS licenses to use for government and public projects.

# Automattic handed the WordPress trademark to the WordPress Foundation.

# Simon Phipps discussed the various types of open source community.

# The Register reported on how Google’s search infrastructure has evolved beyond MapReduce.

# Dave Rosenberg discussed how GE uses Hadoop to analyze big data with GE’s Linden Hillenbrand.

# FierceGovernmentIT published a Q&A with Red Hat’s Gunnar Hellekson on open source adoption in government.

# The Illumos-based OpenIndiana distribution of OpenSolaris will launch on September 14.

# eZ Systems is opening up the development of eZ Publish with creation of eZ Publish Community Project.

# The H reported that the legal battle between NetApp and Sun, centered on the ZFS filesystem, has come to an end.

# Magento announced the public launch of its Magento Mobile ecommerce platform.

# Cloud Linux and Ksplice launched a rebootless Linux distribution for hosting service providers.

# Open-Xchange updated its open source collaboration software to version 6.18.

# The Microsoft CodePlex.com team donated $25,000 to the Mercurial project.

New report: Open to disruption — open source in content management

As our 451 colleague Kathleen Reidy, notes, we have published a new report entitled, “Open to Disruption: The Impact of Open Source in Content Management.”

Our purpose with this report is to look at the commercial implications of open source in content management. The report goes into a good deal of depth on what is driving adoption of open source in content management, challenges to adoption that are specific to this sector, the overall vendor landscape and business models the various vendors are applying.

The report is available via both our CAOS and Information Management practices and also profiles Acquia, Alfresco, Concrete CMS, Day Software, dotCMS, DotNetNuke, eZ Systems, Hippo, Jahia, KnowledgeTree, Liferay, Magnolia, Nuxeo, SilverStripe, Squiz and Umbraco.

For more details on the key findings, head on over to Kethleen’s post on our Too Much Information blog.

A guide to The 451 Group’s open source software coverage

Regular visitors to the 451 CAOS Theory blog will be well aware of The 451 Group’s CAOS (Commercial Adoption of Open Source) research service and our CAOS long-form reports.

They are probably less aware of the open source coverage that The 451 Group provides on a day-to-day and week-to-week basis, however, and I thought it would be worthwhile to provide some examples of The 451 Group’s ongoing open source coverage by highlighting a few recent reports.

The company’s core services are 451 Market Insight Service, which delivers daily insight into emerging enterprise IT markets, and 451 TechDealmaker, a forward-looking weekly analysis service focused on M&A activity within the enterprise IT business.

Here’s some examples of how our coverage fits in to those two services. Needless to say, these reports are only available to clients, although you can apply for trial access. Vendors – open source or otherwise – do not have to be clients in order to be covered by our analysts.

451 Market Insight Service
The 451’s CAOS analysts – Jay and I – are responsible for much of the coverage of open source specialist vendors. Recent examples include:

Meanwhile The 451 Group’s team of analysts also cover open source related vendors in their respective coverage areas, often in conjunction with CAOS analysts. For example:

Additionally, we also provide reports assessing the strategies of proprietary/mixed source vendors towards open source. Examples include:

In addition to our vendor-centric MIS output, open source also regularly makes an appearance in our reports assessing wider industry trends. For example:

451 TechDealmaker
451 Group analysts follow open source-related M&A in their coverage areas, again often working with the CAOS analsyst. Examples include:

While we also provide reports assessing the prospects of potential acquirers and targets alike. For example:

And again, open source makes an appearance in our reports assessing wider industry trends. For example:

For those with an interest in M&A it is also worth mentioning is 451 M&A KnowledgeBase – the company’s merger and acquisition database, which contains details of all M&A deals tracked by The 451 Group, and offers the ability to filter search results to contain deals that are themed “open source”.

451 CAOS Links 2009.11.03

Yahoo! Open! Sources! Traffic! Server! Funding for 10gen. And more.

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“Tracking the open source news wires, so you don’t have to.”

For the latest on Oracle’s acquisition of MySQL via Sun, see Everything you always wanted to know about MySQL but were afraid to ask

# Yahoo! Open! Sourced! Traffic! Server!

# Red Hat launched Enterprise Virtualization for Servers for managing Linux and Microsoft Windows servers.

# 10gen, the company behind MongoDB, has raised $3.4m in a second round of funding.

# Talend updated its Open Profiler and Data Quality products.

# Tata Communications partnered with SugarCRM to provide on-demand CRM to customers in India.

# eZ Systems has appointed former IBM and BEA executive Christoph Rau as CEO.

# Bob Sutor offered his preliminary thoughts on starting an open source business.

# REvolution R Enterprise 3.0 is now available featuring R productivity environment for Windows.

# Skype confirmed it is creating an open-source Linux client.

# Monty Widenius claimed that MySQL’s main rivals has always been Oracle.

# Scalix has delivered Scalix Starter Packs, providing email and calendaring for home and small office use.

# Open source ad server vendor OpenX announced a partnership with Microsoft.

# Glyn Moody reported that the EU wants to re-define “closed” as “nearly open”.

# Munich’s use of Mozilla software surpassed Mozilla’s expectations.

# Matt Asay reported on why open source, like football/soccer is about big value, not big money.

# Mike Hogan examined how to protect FOSS -related revenues in an era of cloud services, focusing on Amazon RDS/MySQL.

451 CAOS Links 2009.06.23

Reductive Labs and eZ Systems raise funding. Virtual Iron bites the dust. And more.

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“Tracking the open source news wires, so you don’t have to.”

# Xconomy reported that Reductive Labs, moving to Portland, has raised $2m for open source IT automation, a move later confirmed by the company.

# Hasso Plattner Ventures invested in eZ Systems, joining BTV Fond, and Dynam.

# The Register reported that Oracle has killed Virtual Iron’s products. although the technology lives on.

# SpringSource announced that Hyperic HQ now available on the RightScale cloud platform.

# Talend launched Talend Integration Suite RTx, real-time data integration platform.

# Infobright joined Actuate’s BIRT partner program, integrated offering scheduled for Q3.

# ars technica: SCO wants to keep waging legal war after $2.4M asset sale. “In light of SCO’s consistent failure to provide any evidence to support its claims or even demonstrate that it has proper standing to bring an infringement lawsuit, the company’s plan is roughly as sound as opening a farm to milk unicorns.”

# Bluenog announced Bluenog ICE 4.5 with content management, portal, BI, wiki, and calendaring software.

# Movable Type launched Melody, a Fedora-style development project.

# Bill Vass, Sun Microsystems Federal, reported on open source could cut costs for federal, state and local government.

# JavaWorld: Starting a Business as an Open Source Consultant.

# Squiz introduced a global 24×7 SLA for MySource Matrix Open Source CMS customers.

# MindTouch launched MindTouch Collaborative Intranet.

# Alfresco released Alfresco Kofax Release Script, which integrates with Kofax Capture for document scanning and capture.

#Sun updated its Constellation System, including a whole bunch of OSS updates.

# Nagios Enterprises announced the availability of support contracts for Nagios.

# Locus Technologies updated its ePortal environmental software platform, with Alfresco’s collaboration tools.

# Open source social web content management questions, answered by The 451 Group’s Kathleen Reidy.

# Amanda McPherson: My conversation with Chris Mason on Btrfs and the future of Linux filesystems.

# SaaS BI vendor LucidEra to shut down (LucidEra is/was heavily reliant on OSS).

# The Register reported that Oracle is still shopping Sun’s hardware business around.

# Another view on Red Hat’s Virtualization portfolio, from The 451 Group’s Dan Kusnetzky.

# The results from the 4th annual Actuate open source survey are in.

# Dirk Riehle: Commercial Open Source: The Naming Confusion Remains.

# The Register reported on a potential Novell break up.

# Hippo updated its open source CMS and introduced Hippo Site Toolkit.

CAOS Theory Podcast 2009.03.20

Topics for this podcast:

*IBM-Sun rumors swirl with implications for open source
*Linux and open source rising up in the clouds
*Acquia adds to Drupal-based commercial offerings
*West Coast CAOS Tour

iTunes or direct download (28:21, 6.8 MB)

451 CAOS Links 2009.02.20

Encouraging corporate contributions. How to make millions with open source. Or not. Red Hat and IBM celebrate 10 years of mutual appreciation. Nokia borrows €500m to invest in Symbian. And more.

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Encouraging corporate contributions
Reaction began to filter through later this week to the previously mentioned Forbes article on the “collaboration gap” between corporate open source users and contributors.

Matt Asay agreed with Forbes writer Dan Woods that the secret might lay in measuring the benefits of participation so that investors and stock analysts will begin to demand evidence of those benefits being achieved.

This brings to mind recent posts on here about open source citizenship and responsibility. Oracle, IBM and Sun already include open source within their corporate responsibility reports. How long before this is the norm?

Meanwhile Savio Rodrigues argued that corporate open source contribution policies are needed, noting that without them corporate developers are probably contributing code, but on their own time, so as not to risk upsetting the powers that be.

How to make millions with open source. Or not.
Dave Rosenberg resurrected the issue of open source revenue strategies with his post about pricing models and licensing for open source. In response to his question as to how vendors “provide more value for the dollar… in a way that makes a highly scalable, highly monetizable business” RedMonk’s Michael Coté responded with his thoughts on open source business strategies.

Coté hit the nail on the head, I think, with his comment that “the issue is not if this is good, bad, open, or closed source. Rather, the question is how much revenue any given company can get from such a service” and also that “you can build a fine business of ‘pure open source.’ It’s those ‘highly scalable, highly monetizable business’ are a tougher nut to crack and a little help from closed source can look like a big mallet.”

I would agree with the comment from Mike Dolan that Coté’s assessment overlooks the role of embedded uses of open source, but I think I’ll come back to that next week.

Best of the rest
# Red Hat and IBM celebrated 10 years of mutual appreciation.

# Bloomberg reported that Google Android may run on Asus Netbook.

# Nokia received a €500m loan from the European Investment Bank to invest in Symbian devices, as well as the Symbian Foundation.

# Arkeia Software claimed to support 100 different Linux platforms.

# eZ Systems released eZ Find 2.0 for enterprise search, based on Apache Solr.

# SAP.info reported on SAP’s strategy with regards to open source, 451 clients can also read our take on the strategy.

# xTuple claimed 250% sales growth in 2007.

# The Times published a major article on open source software. Nothing groundbreaking, but good mainstream coverage.

# Ariba released AribaWeb RIA development framework under the Apache license.

# The 2009 “Future of Open Source” Survey, sponsored by InfoWorld-OSBC and North Bridge Venture Partners is now live.

# InformationWeek reported that Ubuntu is about to be certified for HP servers, although neither Canonical nor HP has officially announced it.

# Stormy Peters listed 5 types of company open source relationships.

# Mass High Tech reported on mending the VC model noting that as big VCs are slow to invest small funds see opportunities. This is somewhat off-topic for most, but highly relevant to the next CAOS report, due out in early April.

451 CAOS Links 2008.10.31

Sun and Sourcefire report Q3 results. SpringSource elected to JCP executive committee. Alfresco launches Enterprise 3.0. How to go from 0 to 700 customers in one year. Open sourcing Jonathan Schwartz’s ponytail. And more.

Press releases
Sun Microsystems Reports Final Results for the First Quarter Fiscal Year 2009 Sun Microsystems

Sourcefire Announces 2008 Third Quarter Results Sourcefire

Sourcefire Adopts Stockholder Rights Plan Sourcefire

SpringSource Elected to Java Community Process Executive Committee Alongside SAP, Ericsson, Nokia, Philips and IBM SpringSource

Intel, Taiwan Government to Establish Mobile Device Open Source Software Development Center, Intel Capital Intends to Invest NT$386 Million in VMAX for Mobile WiMAX Intel

Alfresco Enterprise 3.0 Delivers Collaboration at Dramatically Lower Cost than Proprietary Alternatives Alfresco

Funambol Expands Globally to Meet Worldwide Demand for Open Source Push Email & Mobile Sync Funambol

SpringSource Exchange Debuts, Showcases Spring-Based Software Applications SpringSource

Results of the 1st openSUSE Board Election openSUSE

Dimdim Commits to Education (Pdf) DimDim

OpenX Launches Feature-Rich Hosted Ad Server for Web Publishers OpenX

XAware Adds Support for Eclipse 3.4 XAware

eZ believes in true Enterprise Open Source for eZ Publish eZ Systems

Palamida and Cigital Partner to Extend Application Security for Open Source Further Into the Software Development Lifecycle Palamida

Gregory Shapiro Promoted to Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Sendmail, Inc. Sendmail

Leading organizations unite to create a new IT event: the Open World Forum Open World Forum

News articles
EU patent board to decide whether to allow software patents Ryan Paul, ArsTechnica

EC to publish open source procurement guidelines heise online

Cloud Computing Dispels the Fog of FUD Glyn Moody, ComputerWorld

Microsoft`s Ozzie Talks Open Source, Azure and More Darryl K. Taft, eWeek

OpenRemote Debuts First Open Database for Home Automation Hiddenwires.co.uk

RIM says open source Blackberry unlikely Rick Merritt, EE Times

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales expects internet downturn but no ‘bloodbath’ Daily Telegraph

Understanding Sun’s Business – Q1 Results Jonathan Schwartz, Sun Microsystems

Open Source Marketing Metrics – From 0 to 700 Customers in One Year Christopher Keene, WaveMaker

The Sun Model Simon Phipps, Sun Microsystems

TWiki’s hunt for cash fractures its community Matt Asay, Cnet

Red Hat Delivers Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3 Beta RHEL 5 team, Red Hat

Actuate’s Open Source Business Strategy Ian Skerret, Eclipse Foundation

Open Enterprise Interview: Dirk Morris, Untangle Glyn Moody, ComputerWorld UK

Novell turns Linux desktop setback into victory The VAR Guy

HP revs netbooks: Attempts custom Linux OS Larry Dignan, ZDnet

What does a nonprofit board do? Stormy Peters, GNOME Foundation

Breaking Market Barriers Richard Guth, Actuate
PDF presentation outlining Actuate’s open source business strategy.

Steve Gillmor Interviews Jonathan Schwartz 1938media
Jonathan Schwartz’s glove puppet tells TechCrunchIT editor Steve Gillmor about Sun’s plan to open source his ponytail.

Sun’s 2008 Corporate Social Responsibility Report – Open Source Sun Microsystems