451 CAOS Links 2011.06.14

Apache OpenOffice.org proposal approved. SkySQL Tekes new funding. And more.

# The proposal for OpenOffice.org to become an Apache incubator project was unanimously approved.

# Rob Weir discussed how the relationship between OpenOffice.org and LibreOffice need not be a zero-sum game.

# Simon Phipps offered his thoughts on the potential positive and negative outcomes.

# Tekes, the main public funding agency for research, development, and innovation in Finland, awarded SkySQL a grant of €250,000 and a loan of over €600,000.

# Opscode announced the general availability of Opscode Hosted Chef, formerly the Opscode Platform, and launched the Private Chef appliance.

# Infobright launched version 4.0 of its open source analytic database.

# Glyn Moody questioned whether we still need the FSF, GNU and the GPL.

# Cenatic published its analysis of the criteria for adopting open source software in public administrations.

# Nuxeo and Hippo announced a technology alliance through which they have built an ECM/WCM connector based on the OASIS CMIS standard.

# The VAR Guy wondered whether Canonical’s Ubuntu focus is too diverse.

# Sandro Groganz discussed what US-based open source vendors need to know about Europe.

# The Xen code for Dom0 has been accepted into the Linux mainline kernel.

# Brian Proffitt covered the two faces of UK open source.

# The VAR Guy encouraged Adobe to engage more with open source.

# Matt Asay pondered Red Hat’s potential to challenge Oracle with a database of its own.

New report: Open to disruption — open source in content management

As our 451 colleague Kathleen Reidy, notes, we have published a new report entitled, “Open to Disruption: The Impact of Open Source in Content Management.”

Our purpose with this report is to look at the commercial implications of open source in content management. The report goes into a good deal of depth on what is driving adoption of open source in content management, challenges to adoption that are specific to this sector, the overall vendor landscape and business models the various vendors are applying.

The report is available via both our CAOS and Information Management practices and also profiles Acquia, Alfresco, Concrete CMS, Day Software, dotCMS, DotNetNuke, eZ Systems, Hippo, Jahia, KnowledgeTree, Liferay, Magnolia, Nuxeo, SilverStripe, Squiz and Umbraco.

For more details on the key findings, head on over to Kethleen’s post on our Too Much Information blog.

451 CAOS Links 2010.04.13

600 new customers for SugarCRM. James Gosling leaves Oracle. And more.

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# SugarCRM added nearly 600 customers in the first quarter of 2010.

# James Gosling resigned from Oracle.

# VMware’s SpringSource acquired Rabbit Technologies and its RabbitMQ messaging software.

# EnterpriseDB hired Sun’s former MySQL VP Karen Tegan Padir as vice president of products and marketing.

# Xen.org released version 4.0 of the Xen open source hypervisor.

# Talend 4.0 includes data integration, data quality and master data management in a single offering.

# rPath offered improved Linux patching capabilities, targets Red Hat Network Satellite users.

# SugarCRM has made the primary source code repository for Sugar Community Edition publicly accessible at SugarForge.

# Gear6’s memcached distribution supports native query and Redis integration, and is now available on Ubuntu and Debian.

# Percona announced Percona Server with XtraDB as a drop-in replacement for MySQL.

# Mezeo Software and Zmanda partnered on a new cloud storage backup offering.

# The Apache Software Foundation announced Apache Cassandra release 0.6.

# Fonality and SugarCRM partnered to provide contact center offering.

# Black Duck reported bookings up 80%, 31 new customers in the first quarter.

# Ulteo joined the Open Invention Network.

# The Linux Foundation announced the expansion of companies participating in the MeeGo project.

# Black Duck Software released a code search plug-in for Visual Studio 2010.

# Twitter released the source code to FlockDB, its distributed graph database technology.

# Hippo CEO Jeroen Verberg’s shared his thoughts on open source-related business strategies.

# EditShare announced plans to release Lightworks media editing software as open source.

# Marten Mickos’s presentation at Parc Forum – Open for business: Building successful commerce around open source.

451 CAOS Links 2009.11.06

Funambol acquires Zapatec. Open source gains Closure. And more.

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For the latest on Oracle’s acquisition of MySQL via Sun, see Everything you always wanted to know about MySQL but were afraid to ask

# Funambol acquired Zapatec, an AJAX web 2.0 frameworks vendor.

# The top ten issues facing open source users, according to Mark Radcliffe.

# Google open sourced its Closure JavaScript tools.

# Sam Ramji explained why open source still matters in the cloud.

# Likewise Software launched Enterprise Starter Packs for integration with Active Directory.

# Eucalyptus Systems updated its open source cloud computing software.

# RiverMuse hired a new CEO released Enterprise Subscription version.

# Jaspersoft joined the Open Source Software Institute.

# Hitachi joined Red Hat’s Advanced Mission-Critical Program.

# SourceForge became GeekNet, reported third quarter results.

# Mark Fidelman supplied six laws for expanding an open source business strategy into Europe.

# Eric Raymond launched ForgePlucker, for extracting project-state from forges for backup and offline analysis.

# Versant relicensed its db4o database from GPLv2 to the GPLv3.

# Hippo and Sonatype announced a distribution and technology partnership.

# Mandriva released Mandriva Linux 2010.

# Mary Jo Foley reported on Microsoft’s Orchard open source content management app.

# Zend Technologies is working with Oracle to deliver an integrated Unbreakable Linux and PHP offering.

# Subversion was submitted to become an Apache incubator project.

# Pentaho released Pentaho Analyzer and unveiled an “Agile BI” initiative.

# Red Hat CEO said open source needs champions – such as Red Hat and Google.

# eWeek reported that Microsoft has recommitted another $100K to Apache.

# Stephen O’Grady speculated on Amazon, RDS and the Future of MySQL.

451 CAOS Links 2009.08.14

Peter Fenton’s open source investment tips. Boxee raises $6m. And more.

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*451 CAOS Links will return on August 25*

Digesting the VMware-SpringSource deal
In the wake of VMware’s acquisition of SpringSource the WSJ examined Peter Fenton’s open source investment portfolio and what he looks for in an open source vendor. Meanwhile Matt Asay noted that VMware’s purchase of SpringSource is the first big acquisition of a company based on an Apache license, while Charles Babcock reported that VMware invested $2m in SpringSource nine months ago to get a seat on the board.

The best of the rest
# Boxee closed a $6m round of financing from General Catalyst, Spark Capital and Union Square Ventures.

# RightScale, Jaspersoft, Talend and Vertica teamed up on a BI stack for cloud computing.

# Eric Barroca, CEO of Nuxeo, questioned whether “Commercial Open Source” really just means “Free Demo”.

# Nokia maintained its commitment to Symbian, disputing suggestions of a shift to Maemo.

# LDN reported IBM’s claim that the Unix to Linux migration rate is growing.

# California Secretary of State Debra Bowen discussed the use of open source software in voting systems.

# Engadget reported that Dell refutes high Linux netbook return rates, but not customer ignorance.

# Alex Weid listed some key requirements for using open source in enterprise IT.

# SearchCRM published an interview with Larry Augustin on open source CRM and cloud computing.

# Hippo struck a web content management and portal partnership with Capgemini Netherlands.

# The Georgia Tech Research Institute released an open-source version of its FalconView mapping software.

# Oracle announced Oracle VM Template Builder, a graphical utility for developing pre-packaged virtual machines.

# Zmanda introduced ZCloud storage cloud API for backup.

# UK motoring website, AutoTrader.co.uk migrated to Red Hat.

# Carlo Daffara published some observations on licenses and forge evolution.

# Telerik announced new open source extensions for ASP.NET MVC.

# The H Open reported that Novell has formed a group of 10 employees dedicated to working on openSUSE.

# The Free Software Foundation welcomed Dailymotion’s support for Ogg.

# OSS Watch published an article on the benefits of contributing to an open source project.

# Joyent launched Virtual Appliance for MySQL.

451 CAOS Links 2009.06.23

Reductive Labs and eZ Systems raise funding. Virtual Iron bites the dust. And more.

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# Xconomy reported that Reductive Labs, moving to Portland, has raised $2m for open source IT automation, a move later confirmed by the company.

# Hasso Plattner Ventures invested in eZ Systems, joining BTV Fond, and Dynam.

# The Register reported that Oracle has killed Virtual Iron’s products. although the technology lives on.

# SpringSource announced that Hyperic HQ now available on the RightScale cloud platform.

# Talend launched Talend Integration Suite RTx, real-time data integration platform.

# Infobright joined Actuate’s BIRT partner program, integrated offering scheduled for Q3.

# ars technica: SCO wants to keep waging legal war after $2.4M asset sale. “In light of SCO’s consistent failure to provide any evidence to support its claims or even demonstrate that it has proper standing to bring an infringement lawsuit, the company’s plan is roughly as sound as opening a farm to milk unicorns.”

# Bluenog announced Bluenog ICE 4.5 with content management, portal, BI, wiki, and calendaring software.

# Movable Type launched Melody, a Fedora-style development project.

# Bill Vass, Sun Microsystems Federal, reported on open source could cut costs for federal, state and local government.

# JavaWorld: Starting a Business as an Open Source Consultant.

# Squiz introduced a global 24×7 SLA for MySource Matrix Open Source CMS customers.

# MindTouch launched MindTouch Collaborative Intranet.

# Alfresco released Alfresco Kofax Release Script, which integrates with Kofax Capture for document scanning and capture.

#Sun updated its Constellation System, including a whole bunch of OSS updates.

# Nagios Enterprises announced the availability of support contracts for Nagios.

# Locus Technologies updated its ePortal environmental software platform, with Alfresco’s collaboration tools.

# Open source social web content management questions, answered by The 451 Group’s Kathleen Reidy.

# Amanda McPherson: My conversation with Chris Mason on Btrfs and the future of Linux filesystems.

# SaaS BI vendor LucidEra to shut down (LucidEra is/was heavily reliant on OSS).

# The Register reported that Oracle is still shopping Sun’s hardware business around.

# Another view on Red Hat’s Virtualization portfolio, from The 451 Group’s Dan Kusnetzky.

# The results from the 4th annual Actuate open source survey are in.

# Dirk Riehle: Commercial Open Source: The Naming Confusion Remains.

# The Register reported on a potential Novell break up.

# Hippo updated its open source CMS and introduced Hippo Site Toolkit.

451 CAOS Links 2009.06.02

Cloudera lands funding. SourceForge acquires Ohloh. Novell reports Linux growth. And more.

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Cloudera shows signs of progress

GigaOM reported that Cloudera raised $6m Series B funding from Accel and Greylock and is now looking beyond web applications to wider enterprise adoption of Hadoop. Cloudera also announced its first certification program for Hadoop.

Open source goes mainstream in the UK
There have been signs of change recently with regards to open source adoption in the UK, which has traditionally lagged behind the rest of Europe and the US. CBR Magazine provided an analysis of open source in the UK and the likely impact of the government action plan, while two good indicators of mainstream interest in open source came from The Economist’s evaluation the value of open source software in the recession and a documentary on BBC Radio 4 covering how how the open source model works and how its ethos is being applied to other kinds of business (the latter probably doesn’t work outside the UK).

Best of the rest
# SourceForge acquired Ohloh and published its, disappointing, Q1 results.

# Novell reported its Q1 results, with Linux providing a rare highlight. $37m came from Linux Platform Products in the quarter, up 25%, while total revenue declined to $216m from $236m. As InternetNews.com reported, the company’s focus on using Linux growth to encourage revenue from other products and services means that the Linux business still not profitable.

# Red Hat unveiled JBoss Open Choice strategy for enterprise middleware. More details here.

# Sun updated OpenSolaris, and launched support services for the open source variant.

# Canonical announced deals with SanDisk, and Intel and support for Moblin.

# Alfresco and EnterpriseDB forged a technology and business alliance.

# OStatic reported on the rumour that Amazon is going to open source its web services and cloud APIs.

# Adobe updated its Flash tools and open source Flex framework.

# Jim Zemlin: Canola Project’s GPLv3 Permissions are Worth a Look.

# Infobright and Pentaho delivered an integrated open source da6ta warehousing and business intelligence virtual machine.

# The fight over open source ‘leeches’. A good summary from InfoWorld of the issues related to (lack of) corporate contributions.

# Infobright appointed Bob Zurek as CTO, VP product management.

# Xandros announced that it is developing products based on Moblin Version 2 project for Intel Atom-based platforms.

# MontaVista announced supports for Moblin v2.

# LiMo foundation completed the LiMo Platform R2 specifications.

# Jahia unveiled United Content Bus as part of the new Jahia Enterprise Edition v6. (PDF)

# Hippo launched a product and support offering for Apache Jetspeed 2.2.

# Engine Yard announced JRuby support.

# Zmanda announced that Recovery Manager for MySQL now supports Amazon EC.

# Josh Berkus: PostgreSQL development priorities.

# Matt Asay reported on Jahia’s ‘pay or contribute’ model.

# Mike Hogan compared the numbers on traditional licensing, versus open source support business models.

# SiCortex is in trouble.

# Ntirety expanded its remote database administration services to include MySQL.

# SugarCRM updated its web services and improved mobile CRM tools.

# Ian Skerrett provided the results of the Eclipse community survey; as well as top six insights.

# Mike Hogan on GPL licensing and MySQL storage engines.

# Matt Asay on why open source may prove a more efficient way to find new customers than industry consolidation offers.

CAOS Theory Podcast 2009.03.20

Topics for this podcast:

*IBM-Sun rumors swirl with implications for open source
*Linux and open source rising up in the clouds
*Acquia adds to Drupal-based commercial offerings
*West Coast CAOS Tour

iTunes or direct download (28:21, 6.8 MB)

451 CAOS Links 2009.02.13

The open source vendor definition debate rumbles on. How open source could save the US government $3.7bn. Red Hat plans MASS migration to JBoss. Open source content management invades the US. Exploiting the attribution loophole in the GPLv3. And more.

Definition debate rumbles on
Roberto Galoppini joined the open source vendor definition debate, with a perspective looking at the impact on community engagement, and also caught up with David Dennis, senior director of product marketing at Groundwork, about the company’s strategy, noting that not all open source core vendors are created equal.

Meanwhile Tarus Balog of OpenNMS, who started off the whole discussion, explained the theoretical contradiction at the heart of the open-core model in the context of the request from open source vendors, including some open core advocates, for open source to be included in President Obama’s economic stimulus plans.

Speaking of stimulus packages, Meritalk estimated that open source technology could save the Federal government $3.7bn, based on an assessment of the IT infrastructure budgets of 30 agencies, backed by Red Hat and DLT Solutions.

MASS migration
Meanwhile Red Hat updated JBoss Enterprise Portal and launched a migration project to encourage migrations to JBoss from other middleware stacks. Rich Sharples, Product Management Director with Red Hat and JBoss MASS project lead, explained more.

Open source content management: coming to America
eZ Systemsincreased focus on the US, following announcements from Nuxeo and Hippo last week about movements Stateside. Incidentally, The 451 Group’s Kathleen Reidy wrote a great piece (451 Group clients only) last week on open source content management invading the US.

Flowplayer seeks attribution
Is Flash video player Flowplayer the next open source success asked ArcticStartup, while Roberto Galoppini (again) noted that it appears to exploit an attribution loophole in the GPLv3.

The best of the rest
# eWeek reported on the future of MySQL within Sun including comment from Sun’s new MySQL and infrastructure boss, Karen Tegan Padir.

# Sendmail claimed 100% sales growth over the past 24 months and 25% growth year-over-year in the fourth quarter.

# Novell’s Moonlight, which provides access to Mocrosoft Silverlight content on Linux, went 1.0.

# Snakebite network will enable testing of open source software on heterogeneous network, reported Computerworld.

# 14 new Symbian Foundation members were announced, including MySpace and HP.

# Penguin Computing is making waves in HPC, reported HPCwire.

# Sun’s chief open source officer, Simon Phipps explains the third wave of free and open source software. On video.

# “Open Source in India Today” by Alolita Sharma

# “Open Collaboration within Corporations Using Software Forges” by Dirk Riehle.

# Arjen Lentz: Open Source and your business and development models.

# Bdale Garbee: Collaborating Successfully with Large Corporations.

# David Rowe: Open Hardware business models.

451 CAOS Links 2009.02.10

Reaction to Marten Mickos’s departure from Sun. On open letter to President Obama. Lots of announcements from Sun, the LIMO Foundation and WS02. Mozilla offers to help EC investigation of Microsoft. Black Duck raises funding and gets a new CEO. The state of Red Hat. And more.

Mickos fallout
Kaj Arno maintained that “MySQL’s culture and business philosophy will live on in Sun.” He added: “In fact, you could say MySQL now becomes mainstream at Sun. Former MySQLers continue in key positions, in some cases with a mandate to generalise and apply MySQL related learnings on other open source products.”

For example, Charles Babcock reported that Zack Urlocker is taking on the role of VP of life-cycle management across multiple product lines including MySQL and Sun’s portfolio of Java middlware.

Savio Rodrigues noted that Marten’s departure “is a blow to Sun and its open source street cred. But it’s not insurmountable.” Dana Blankenhorn agreed.

Elsewhere Chris Keene revealed that Marten was once arrested by a Sherriff at the Progress headquarters during a spat between MySQL and Progress about the MySQL trademark.

An open letter to President Obama

Executives from the Collaborative Software Initiative, Ingres, Jaspersoft, Alfresco, Hyperic, Talend, Cleversafe, Compiere, Medsphere, MuleSource, Atomic Object, OpenLogic, Sonatype and Unisys have signed an open letter to President Barack Obama requesting that his administration consider greater use of open source.

Why make one announcement when you can make five
Sun has launched Glassfish Portfolio, a new open source stack built around its Glassfish Enterprise Server. It includes a new Glassfish Web Stack with support for open source projects such as Tomcat, Memcached, Apache, PHP, Ruby and Python, as well as the Glassfish ESB and Glassfish Web Space Server, a new portal product developed in conjunction with open source portal vendor Liferay. Paying subscribers also have access to Enterprise Manager.

The LIMO Foundation was busy this week, announcing that Telefonica and SK Telecom had joined its board of directors, that six major operator members will specify and deliver handsets using LiMo Platform implementations in 2009, as well as updates to LiMo Platform, and the endorsement of the OMTP BONDI specification. It also selected Wind River as the systems integrator to deliver the common infrastructure, tools, testing and integration services for the LiMo platform.

Meanwhile WS02 announced the release of WSO2 Carbon, its componentized service-oriented architecture (SOA) framework, not to mention WSO2 Business Process Server, WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus 2.0, WSO2 Web Services Application Server 3.0, and WSO2 Registry 2.0.

Mozilla offers to help EC investigation of Microsoft
Mitchel Baker offered her assistance to the EC as it considers an effective remedy after it concluded that Microsoft’s tying of its web browser Internet Explorer to its dominant client PC operating system Windows infringes the EC Treaty rules.

Another good week for business card printers
Black Duck Software raised $9.5m in equity investment and debt financing and named former Red Hat and EqualLogic marketing exec Tim Yeaton as its new CEO.

Meanwhile EnterpriseDB hired former Red Hat sales director, Jay Barrows, as vice president of sales.

Hippo appointed new executive vice president of North America as it looks to target opportunities Stateside.

Infobright named former MySQL channel exec Mark Burton to its board of directors.

The best of the rest
Jim Whitehurst’s State of the Union at Red Hat.

Funambol announced version 8 of its MobileWe software for syncing mobile phones.

GroundWork Open Source has updated its Monitor product.

After his criticism of the Open Solutions Alliance, Glyn Moody published an interview with its president, Anthony Gold.

Is Open Source A Recession-Fighting Tool? At InformationWeek Serdar Yegulalp delves into some analyst reports, including our own Cost Conscious report from 2006, and our recent musings on the potential for M&A, to find out.