451 CAOS Links 2011.06.10

Yet more Apache OpenOffice fall-out. Bacula Systems raises $5m. And more.

# As the proposal to incubate OpenOffice.org at Apache went live, controversy about the proposal continued. The Free Software Foundation unsurprisingly voiced its support in favour of the LGPL LibreOffice project,which Keith Curtis outlined his opposition to the plan.

# Bacula Systems raised $5m from KM Capital Partners and from the Swiss Canton of Vaud.

# Joe Brockmeier explained how Microsoft’s patent loss could be bad news for open source.

# Computacenter raised the prospect of legal action against open source support supplier Sirius for complaining to Parliament about its “Microsoft bias”.

# Jahia announced the commercial release of its Jahia 6.5 content management system.

# Couchbase announced the general availability of Membase Server 1.7.

# Talend announced Talend Cloud, its cloud-enabled integration platform.

# Stefano Maffulli considered the implications of the declining adoption of copyleft licenses.

# Ian Skerrett introduced some key finding from the 2011 Eclipse community survey.

New report: Open to disruption — open source in content management

As our 451 colleague Kathleen Reidy, notes, we have published a new report entitled, “Open to Disruption: The Impact of Open Source in Content Management.”

Our purpose with this report is to look at the commercial implications of open source in content management. The report goes into a good deal of depth on what is driving adoption of open source in content management, challenges to adoption that are specific to this sector, the overall vendor landscape and business models the various vendors are applying.

The report is available via both our CAOS and Information Management practices and also profiles Acquia, Alfresco, Concrete CMS, Day Software, dotCMS, DotNetNuke, eZ Systems, Hippo, Jahia, KnowledgeTree, Liferay, Magnolia, Nuxeo, SilverStripe, Squiz and Umbraco.

For more details on the key findings, head on over to Kethleen’s post on our Too Much Information blog.

451 CAOS Links 2010.04.16

Oracle outlines MySQL plans. Datameer launches with Series A funding. And more.

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# Oracle confirmed InnoDB as the default MySQL storage engine, Hot Backup to become part of MySQL Enterprise and announced MySQL Cluster 7.1.

# Datameer launched Analytics Solution, which combines Hadoop with a spreadsheet interface, and also closed a $2.5m Series A round of funding from Redpoint Ventures.

# Infobright announced that it grew its customers base from 50 to 120 in the last 12 months, profiled five latest customer wins.

# Acquia launched a global training program for Drupal designers and developers.

# Acquia began building a free Drupal distro named “Drupal Commons”, to go after Jive Software.

# SugarCRM is moving to the AGPLv3 for Sugar 6.

# Collabora has become a member of the Linux Foundation and will participate in the MeeGo project.

# Binary Analysis released an open source licensing auditing tool for compliance & due-diligence.

# Ingres partnered with Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A on the SpagoBI Analytical Appliance.

# The Register reported on future plans for Drizzle and MariaDB.

# IronRuby reached version 1.0.

# Oracle halted the distribution of free OpenSolaris CDs.

# What is Open Cloud? Asked John Mark Walker.

# Funambol and Clearwire partnered on an open source 4G device management offering.

# SplendidCRM Software updated its Microsoft-centric open source CRM software with support for Exchange Server 2010.

# Jahia released Enterprise Edition v6.1 with an optimized search mechanism.

# Google will reportedly soon make its VP8 video codec open source.

# Schooner Info Tech updated its appliances for MySQL and memcached.

# MindTouch and Levementum partnered to enable integration with SugarCRM.

# SnapLogic launched its SnapStore integration store, partnership with SugarCRM.

# OpenLogic announced the general availability of OpenLogic OSS Deep Discovery.

# Time to fork OpenSolaris? IDG and Savio Rodrigues assess the arguments.

# CIO musings on open source – What have you done for me lately? Miriam Tuerk reported from the Open Source Think Tank.

# Geeknet launched SourceForge Downloads, a free, global download service.

# Assembla announced free subversion and git repository hosting.

451 CAOS Links 2010.03.05

Elliot offers $2bn for Novell. OSI refutes IIPA’s view on open source. And more.

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# Novell confirmed a $2bn purchase offer from Elliot Associates. Interesting perspectives on Elliot’s offer for Novell from Linuxquestions, Andy Updegrove, and Matt Asay.

# The OSI categorically rejected the IIPA’s special pleadings against open source.

# Canonical’s new CEO, Jane Silber shared her top priorities for Canonical and Ubuntu with the VAR Guy.

# Zenoss Core version 2.5.2 now includes monitoring capabilities for the Xen Hypervisor.

# The H reported that the Samba project has released version 3.5 of its open source SMB protocol implementation.

# Stephen Walli presented: a graphical explanation of open source software economics.

# Microsoft inked another “Linux software patent agreement”, with I-O Data Device Inc.

# eWeek published an interview with Paula Hunter, head of the Codeplex Foundation, on its role and progress.

# Vermont became the latest government to enact an open source software policy.

# Jahia enhanced its caching and clustering capabilities with Jahia Enterprise Edition v6.

# rPath added interoperability with Puppet, Cfengine, and Chef as part of its move to configuration management.

# Gorilla Logic released FlexMonkey, an open source testing tool for Adobe Flex applications.

# Deutsche Börse Systems is implementing Red Hat Enterprise MRG with the AMQP standard and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

# Alfresco announced an early-access beta program for Alfresco SMB Edition on Amazon’s EC2.

# Dries Buytaert discussed the role of open source in the cloud.

# CodeWeavers released version 9 of CrossOver for Mac and Linux.

# REvolution Computing added Zack Urlocker to its board of directors.

# The Zarafa open source groupware software is now included in Fedora.

# Zenoss added a new data center visualization capability to the latest version of Zenoss Enterprise.

# OStatic reported that Best Buy is releasing its idea-gathering software, BBYIDX, under the GNU GPL.

# Orange signed on to support the MeeGo platform.

451 CAOS Links 2009.09.25

Red Hat revenue climbs again. The GPL is enforceable in France. And more.

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# Red Hat announced Q2 net income of $28.9m on revenue up 12% to $184m, although Matt Asay maintained that the company needs more JBoss focus if it is to improve its revenue growth.

# The Paris Court of Appeals found that the GPL is valid in and enforceable in France.

# Sam Ramji provided some insight into the creation of the CodePlex Foundation and rolled with the punches following the inevitable criticism.

# Stephen Walli continued the debate on open source business models (or the lack thereof), while Simon Phipps declared Mind Your Own Business (Model).

# Free Software Magazine asked: “Is free software major league or minor?” An interesting article on ethics and free software vs open source.

# Allied Security Trust CEO said Microsoft probably knew its “open source patents” would end up with the OIN.

# Brian Gentile said the open source movement is really nothing less than a renaissance.

# The Register reported that the UK government ignoring own rules on open source, although arguably the problem is not that the rules are not being followed but that the policy has no rules.

# Microsoft was unimpressed with Google’s Chrome Frame plug-in for IE.

# “Let’s keep the eye on the ball.” Carlo Piana warned about the EU and Microsoft.

# Accenture’s Tony Roby on the second wave in open source.

# LiMo Foundation announced the first LiMo Release 2 (R2) handset and more planned for 09/10.

# Intel ported its Moblin Linux netbook OS to desktops and announced that you can now purchase a Dell Netbook running the Ubuntu Moblin Remix Developer Edition. .

# ElementRiver launched Potomac, an open source framework for Flex developers.

# HP created CommunityLinux.org to support community Linux distrbutions on HP servers.

# Rivet Logic launched Crafter rivet – an open source Web content delivery framework.

# Coverity released its 2009 report on the integrity of open source software.

# Jahia in the Cloud is now available on Amazon EC2.

# MuleSoft updated its Tcat Server release including iBeans integration software.

# Internetnews.com published: Why Linux succeeds while other open source projects fail.

# Mikel Maron provided details of open source social networking at the United Nations.

# Germany’s minister of the Interior said open source helps avoid lock-in and IT monopolies.

# Air traffic control radar display published as open source on OSOR Forge.

451 CAOS Links 2009.07.10

Google Chrome OS. Jaspersoft Unlimited. RMS on Microsoft’s Mono promise. And more.

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Google confirms plans for Linux-based operating system
Google introduced Chrome OS, an open source, lightweight OS to be available in netbooks in 2010. Details were thin on the ground, but that didn’t stop the speculation. In fact, rarely in the field of computer operating systems has so much been written by so many about so little. Meanwhile Google also released Neatx, an open source NX server remote desktop implementation.

Customer wins
# Government Computer News reported on the US Postal Service’s open source-based tracking system.

# Virgin America implemented Jahia’s open source web content integration software, today to power its intranet.

# Aegeon announced that it has built a knowledge management platform on Groovy and Grails, with the support of SpringSource.

Best of the rest
# Jaspersoft announced Jaspersoft Unlimited, a one-year pass to Jaspersoft’s Premium Professional Edition.

# Monty Widenius revealed that he is talking to the DoJ about how the Oracle-Sun deal will impact open source software.

# iTWire reported that Richard Stallman has rejected Microsoft’s community promise for Mono as inadequate.

# Microsoft revealed that its CodePlex forge is now hosting more than 10,000 projects. All the stats are available here.

# Aaron Fulkerson reported on Mindtouch’s commercial success, demonstrating a successful shift to the open core model.

# Speaking of which, following our clarification on the Open Core model, Carlo Dafarra reported on the evolution of Open Core, noting that “the percentage of code not under OSS license is shrinking” as business models adjust.

# Borqs, an Android-based open source mobile software vendor, has raised $17.4m series B funding.

# Roman Stanek pondered the impact of open source on the cloud, and vice versa.

# Likewise Software reported that it is on track to deliver over 100% sales growth in 2009.

# Linux.com reported on how the choice of open source license impacts a development project.

# WSO2 announced that a standalone version of the WSO2 Carbon Core is now available.

# eXo Platform updated its open source Document Management System.

# Government Technology examined whether open source is more secure than proprietary software.

# InformationWeek reported that the Symbian Foundation will release a beta version of the open source Symbian within weeks.

451 CAOS Links 2009.06.02

Cloudera lands funding. SourceForge acquires Ohloh. Novell reports Linux growth. And more.

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Cloudera shows signs of progress

GigaOM reported that Cloudera raised $6m Series B funding from Accel and Greylock and is now looking beyond web applications to wider enterprise adoption of Hadoop. Cloudera also announced its first certification program for Hadoop.

Open source goes mainstream in the UK
There have been signs of change recently with regards to open source adoption in the UK, which has traditionally lagged behind the rest of Europe and the US. CBR Magazine provided an analysis of open source in the UK and the likely impact of the government action plan, while two good indicators of mainstream interest in open source came from The Economist’s evaluation the value of open source software in the recession and a documentary on BBC Radio 4 covering how how the open source model works and how its ethos is being applied to other kinds of business (the latter probably doesn’t work outside the UK).

Best of the rest
# SourceForge acquired Ohloh and published its, disappointing, Q1 results.

# Novell reported its Q1 results, with Linux providing a rare highlight. $37m came from Linux Platform Products in the quarter, up 25%, while total revenue declined to $216m from $236m. As InternetNews.com reported, the company’s focus on using Linux growth to encourage revenue from other products and services means that the Linux business still not profitable.

# Red Hat unveiled JBoss Open Choice strategy for enterprise middleware. More details here.

# Sun updated OpenSolaris, and launched support services for the open source variant.

# Canonical announced deals with SanDisk, and Intel and support for Moblin.

# Alfresco and EnterpriseDB forged a technology and business alliance.

# OStatic reported on the rumour that Amazon is going to open source its web services and cloud APIs.

# Adobe updated its Flash tools and open source Flex framework.

# Jim Zemlin: Canola Project’s GPLv3 Permissions are Worth a Look.

# Infobright and Pentaho delivered an integrated open source da6ta warehousing and business intelligence virtual machine.

# The fight over open source ‘leeches’. A good summary from InfoWorld of the issues related to (lack of) corporate contributions.

# Infobright appointed Bob Zurek as CTO, VP product management.

# Xandros announced that it is developing products based on Moblin Version 2 project for Intel Atom-based platforms.

# MontaVista announced supports for Moblin v2.

# LiMo foundation completed the LiMo Platform R2 specifications.

# Jahia unveiled United Content Bus as part of the new Jahia Enterprise Edition v6. (PDF)

# Hippo launched a product and support offering for Apache Jetspeed 2.2.

# Engine Yard announced JRuby support.

# Zmanda announced that Recovery Manager for MySQL now supports Amazon EC.

# Josh Berkus: PostgreSQL development priorities.

# Matt Asay reported on Jahia’s ‘pay or contribute’ model.

# Mike Hogan compared the numbers on traditional licensing, versus open source support business models.

# SiCortex is in trouble.

# Ntirety expanded its remote database administration services to include MySQL.

# SugarCRM updated its web services and improved mobile CRM tools.

# Ian Skerrett provided the results of the Eclipse community survey; as well as top six insights.

# Mike Hogan on GPL licensing and MySQL storage engines.

# Matt Asay on why open source may prove a more efficient way to find new customers than industry consolidation offers.

451 CAOS Links 2009.05.22

Open source in central and local government. Open source and cloud computing. FSF and Cisco settlement. And more.

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# Red Hat provided insight to why government agencies are turning to open source software.

# Glyn Moody: Newham and the Prisoner’s Dilemma – how UK local government can save money with free software.

# How the Dept of Defense is benefiting from open source and cloud computing. The Department of Defense’s Defense Information Systems Agency CIO spoke to InformationWeek.

# Red Hat asked Cloud Computing: Vaporware or the Next “Big Thing”?

# Red Hat’s Michael Evans on the confluence of open source and cloud computing.

# The Free Software Foundation and and its compliance engineer, Brett Smith provided more details on the FSF-Cisco settlement.

# Virtual Bridges, IBM and Canonical are delivering virtual Linux desktops.

# Matt Asay: Fitting the optimal level of openness to your business strategy.

# Intalio acquired BPM and CRM companies, launching Intalio|Cloud.

# Likewise Software announced that Likewise Enterprise will ship as part of SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11 from Novell.

# EnterpriseDB has hired former IONA open source exec Larry Alston.

# Dave Neary said no, there aren’t too many mobile Linux platforms (In response to Fabrizio).

# Microsoft Research launched Zentity, an open repository extension to Word.

# Jahia released Jahia Enterprise Edition v6 content management software.

# Openbravo Network is now Openbravo Professional Subscription with version 2.50.

# The transcript of Michael Tiemann’s podcast on open source software for TimesOnline.