Survey says…

by Brenon Daly

Talk about the wisdom of the crowds. In a pair of 451 Research surveys last December, the tech M&A community accurately forecast this year’s stunning resurgence in dealmaking. In separate surveys last year, both corporate development executives and senior investment bankers predicted that 2018 would be a banner year for tech M&A, reversing two consecutive annual declines.

Strategic buyers gave their strongest outlook to any survey since the recession, while an above-average number of advisers indicated last year that they expected an uptick in acquisition activity this year. Tellingly, the bullishness from both groups has come through in actual deal flow, with this year on track for the highest level of annual spending since the dot-com collapse. (451 Research subscribers can see our full report on last year’s survey of corporate acquirers and bankers.)

Having presciently predicted activity in 2018, what do the main buyers in the tech M&A market and their advisers see coming in 2019?

To get the forecast, 451 Research is currently surveying both groups. If you work in a M&A capacity at a company or are a seasoned investment banker (VP and above), we would like to hear from you. The surveys are quick and painless, taking just 5-10 minutes. There’s even a fun question or two in both of the surveys. (If you haven’t received an emailed link for the survey, please contact me.)

In return, we’ll send all respondents an advanced look at the key findings of the survey, so they’ll know exactly where the market is heading next year. Again, to take part, simply email me and I’ll get you the correct survey. Thank you for offering your take on tech M&A in 2019.

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