Webinar: ML implementations and acquisitions

by Brenon Daly

There’s no faster-growing segment of the relatively mature enterprise software market right now than machine learning (ML). Join 451 Research on Wednesday morning for a special webinar on the collection of technologies that help companies get smarter about their operations, customers and partners. The webinar will cover not only how ML works, but also what it’s worth.

Whether it’s using ML to vault ahead of rivals or to explore bountiful new markets, ML can truly alter the fortunes of a business. And yet, even with the near-universal relevance of ML (who doesn’t want smarter software?), the technology is only starting to find its way into companies.

In a recent survey of 550 IT decision-makers, Nick Patience, 451 Research’s head of software research, found that just 17% said they have deployed ML technology. Further, most of those use cases were rather narrowly defined.

At the same time, however, our survey of tech buyers and users showed they are planning to be much more expansive and aggressive with ML. Looking ahead, roughly half of the respondents expect to have ML technology up and running by mid-2019, up from just one in six right now. The soaring forecast for ML implementations is unprecedented in the relatively mature software industry.

That same sort of pattern is playing out in acquisitions in this market, as suppliers look to pick up ML technology at an ever-increasing pace. Already this year, buyers have announced more ML deals than any year in history, according to 451 Research’s M&A KnowledgeBase. At the current rate, the M&A KnowledgeBase will record roughly 140 ML-related prints for the full-year 2018, twice the number from just two years ago and more than three times the number in 2015.

To get smart on machine learning and get even smarter on doing ML deals, 451 Research will be hosting a special hour-long webinar on Wednesday, December 12 at 11:00 ET. We will be looking at both the technological underpinnings of this rapidly emerging technology trend, as well as how suppliers are using M&A to respond to this unprecedented demand. Join us later this week to learn more about the most-transformative enterprise technology trend in the market right now.

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